Just In Case You Were Wondering

This photo is from Flickr. This is how I run in my dreams.

I realized that I haven't written much about my training lately. Don't worry, it's still happening. There just hasn't been anything exciting to report. Some parts of training are new challenges or personal milestones. I've worked my way up to 4 x 400-400s in speed (remember, it's relative) training. This basically involves running around the track for a longer interval at a faster pace. I'm trying to keep a positive perspective about these weekly sessions. Just ignore the sounds of my legs and lungs whimpering screaming. The majority of training though lies in your feet pounding the pavement four days a week. You just do it.

Consider the little conversation I had with my brain this morning. Beep. Beep. Beep. Alarm said it was time to get up. Brain and body started their debate. Body wanted to lie there. Brain, though foggy, knew that I would be grumpy later, mad at myself, knew that Scott had softball tonight, and it would NOT be a good idea to run at night and then get up for speed training the next morning. Body realized brain was right. Body grumbled, but obeyed. Most of running is mind over matter I suppose. You just do it.


  1. Oh, that was too funny. Love the inner dialogue - glad it's not just me doing that!

  2. I admire your determination, Holly. Way to go! And so glad you won the battle over the body. :)


  3. YOu go girl- glad you let your mind win.

  4. I wish I would just do *something*.

    Great job on the training.

  5. Will the brain/body debate ever get easier? I keep trying to tell my body that the gym is nonnegotiable, but apparently my body has great negotiation skills!


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