Maine Memories & Musings

Meet Uncle Dan and Aunt Jerry. After the fast paced city life of Manhattan and careers in the publishing world, they have retired to a picturesque Maine village. They enjoy gardening, birdwatching, reading...you know, a fairly calm, quiet life. Then A. comes for a visit.

What's a retired couple to do? Well, let's see...

first, celebrate A.'s birthday with a scrumptious chocolate cake. A. had been smitten with them before we left the airport, but this extra attention just confirmed it for her! This cake was truly Dee-Lish. We enjoyed it for several nights, much to the dismay of my waistline, but not my choc-o-meter.

D & J have two cats, Nicky and Nora, whose little lives were turned upside down by an energetic four foot tall noisy girl. Her running refrain was, "Where's Nicky? Where's Nora?" followed by a quick search. They were excellent sports and very sweet to her.

A. loved to go outside with Aunt Jerry each morning to feed the chipmunks handfuls of peanuts. Rocky and Shorty were quite spoiled by A.'s attention!

Aunt Jerry also kept A. posted on the stages of a chrysalis that soon became this...

Since D & J enjoy birdwatching, there are binoculars in almost every room of their house. A. commandeered this small pair, because after all, she is an animal rescuer.

We spent one afternoon at an Organic Farmers Co-op Fair, or granola festival. I felt a tad out of place, not healthy enough I guess. A. enjoyed watching the sheepdogs work and visiting all the animals. She reached another milestone--using a Port-a-Potty. She decided it was pretty cool and wanted to visit them over regular facilities. Yes, that is the sound of my Purell bottle opening.

Uncle Dan showed her how to fish. She has the touch because, like 30 seconds after her line went in the water...

this was tugging on it! Uncle Dan helped her reel it in.

She displayed her catch proudly and talked about it the rest of the trip. She is a true fisher woman, because every time she told her story the fish grew!

Uncle Dan also showed her how to cook lobster.

Thankfully, she didn't really make the connection that those guys became this...

our tasty dinner!

Uncle Dan and Aunt Jerry took us to the Marshall Point Lighthouse in nearby Port Clyde. This is the lighthouse from the movie Forrest Gump. A. was just excited to see where Nellie the Lighthouse Dog lived (from one of her books).

A. enjoyed spending much of her time outdoors in the cooler weather (we all did, actually). She picked apples from D & J's apple tree to feed to neighboring horses.
A. fed some neighboring chickens too. The potato chip ratio was 1 for A. and 1 for the chickens. That's only fair, right?

Being outside was the BEST!

Did you eat your tomatoes today? Hurry, or A. will gobble them up!

The artist at work on Uncle Dan and Aunt Jerry's back deck...

while I did this. Bliss, I tell you, pure bliss.

We also visited nearby Drift-In Beach.

Where we dipped our toes (well a bit more for A.) in the Atlantic,

walked, er...ran on the beach,

played in the sand and had a few hermit crab races.

This is the life, huh?

I suppose many of the things we did could probably have been experienced anywhere, they just seemed better in Maine. Food looked and tasted better (much to the dismay of my, ahem, behind). Driving in the car was better because of the breathtaking views and absolutely no traffic.
Stopping beside the roadside produce stand was charming (A. was given the honor of choosing t D & J's Fall pumpkins). Spending time with Aunt Jerry and Uncle Dan and sharing a part of their lives was so special. We certainly were spoiled!
Stay tuned for a few more memories and a race report coming up sometime soon. Actually though, for me to call my part of it a race is something of an overstatement.


  1. You had a WONDERFUL vacation!
    I've never been to Maine, but every picture I've seen of the place has been beautiful.

    A looked like she had fun also, Did she want to leave?

    I would trade that chair and the cats on it, for the ones in my house. lol

  2. your vacation sounds fabulous! I've never been to maine either, but when I was little I dreamed of living in a cabin out there someday.

    I'm dying to hear how the race went...

  3. what a fabulous & memory making vacation with A. Sweet pics and I'm glad it all went well.
    I got your card in the mail- SO nice! The card was super cute and the thoughts were what I needed on the day I received it. You made my week. THANK YOU. I'll post about it soon. You're the best!

  4. I'm glad yall are back...it looks like you had so much fun. I love all the pics. I'm sure Aunt J and Uncle D thought A hung the moon....she's a cutie!!

    Love ya!

  5. How Fun~ I want to go next time! Hee Hee!

    The pictures were great! Main sounds and looks beautiful.

  6. What a nice trip you were able to take, and wonderful that the flight when well with you little one. I've always wanted to go to Maine. Someday!

  7. I loved the pictures and all the captions! Looks like your aunt and uncle loved having A. around. Isn't that so nice?! Hope the book was a good one - nice to have time to read during the day, I'm sure!

    Again, your hair is so cute!

  8. Fun trip!!!! Isn't Maine GORGEOUS? And I went to the Marshall Point lighthouse in August. The author of the Nellie book was there with his 3rd dog. We bought a signed copy of Nellie, since ours had fallen apart from overuse. Very fun.

  9. What a fun time! Love all the pictures. I can imagine that all of you really enjoyed the cooler weather - it just makes it easier to enjoy the beautiful scenery. btw - I have that same color croc! So glad it was fun and exciting for A.!

  10. What great pictures! It looks ans sounds like you had a great time!

    I love the pics of A. with the poncho on holding the basket of apples! It's so Snow White:)

  11. That looks like a true vacation! So wonderful. It's the best when relatives just connect with your kids when they could just tolerate them, you know? They seemed like a wonderful pair to visit!

  12. What adorable pictures...I'm so glad you had so much fun and were spoiled. :)

    That was v.cute about A. being a true fisherman. heehee.

    Can't wait to hear about the race!

  13. Even if many of those activities could have been done somewhere else or at home they're so much more fun on vacation. Don't you love how nothing feels familiar, the sounds and smells are different and there are no obligations. Wonderful!

  14. this does look like a storybook life, so glad you got to get a taste of it and so good for A and your aunt and uncle...

    really good stuff!

  15. Sounds Like a great vacation! I'm loving your hair!!


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