Scenes from a Birthday

Good Morning! Today (Tuesday) I am 4 years old! I'm so excited! I talk with lots of exclamation points because I am 4 years old!

These are the presents the Birthday Fairy left for me. I wonder who the Birthday Fairy is, maybe it's Mama and Daddy? I can't wait to open my presents. Hold on. I need to run around the house a bit, I'll be right back.

Mama and Daddy let me open 2 presents before Daddy left for work. I. LOVE. POLLY. POCKETS. I think I will sit here for 3 hours straight and change their clothes over and over. Wow! These clothes are TINY, but I can do it. I bet my my mama is wondering why she didn't get me some Polly Pockets sooner.

Mama tried to take a family self-portrait outside Mamacita's. Did you know South Texas is extremely humid and can fog up your glasses and cameras? Did you know my mama is addicted to Tex-Mex? That's okay, I love it too.

Here I am with my Pappo. I love him soooo much!

I helped Mama make a Cookies N Cream cake for my birthday. I even put the candles in myself. Hold on, I need to run around the house again. I'll be right back. Whew! I blew those candles out on my first try. I'm 4 you know.

I think I am celebrating my birthday ALL WEEK. This is cool! Yesterday, my friend Kannon sent me a present in the mail! Did you know I LOVE Goodie Mail? Look, he sent me magnetic paper dolls and lacing cards. I am sooo excited!

Kannon sent me a birthday card too. Look at the nice picture he drew. Thank you Kannon! You are my best friend!!

This morning I took cookies to my class at school so I can celebrate my birthday again. What fun! Tomorrow, my friends are coming over for my Backyard Birthday Bash!! I can't wait. Doesn't everybody celebrate their birthday all week? No? Well, I did. Turning 4 is the best!


  1. This is K's responce to me reading the post out loud to him:

    "I like Annelise. She is my friend. I wish I could go to her house because she has lots of toys! BUT she doesn't have dinosaurs!"

    I am glad A. has had a wonderful 4th birthday! I hope she has fun tomorrow!

  2. Happy birthday to the birthday girl! *B

  3. Looks like fun! Hope she has/had a wonderful birthday.

    P.S. When are you going to post the recipe for the Cookie Cake?? I've never heard of it, and it looks yummy!


  4. Another P.S.

    I always wanted Chloe to have Polly Pockets, but she was never as interested in them as I was. LOL

  5. Happy, happy birthday to a sweet little one!

    BTW, how are you liking New Moon? Good? It wasn't my favorite in the series, but I still couldn't put it down. LURV me somse Edward...

  6. Rhonda: The Cookie N Cream cake was so easy, I felt like I was cheating--but easy is right up my alley! Here's the lowdown:

    1 white cake mix with pudding(I know some would stop right there because it calls for a mix, but I LOVE a mix when I'm lazy. I didn't have a mix w/pudding, so I added a small vanilla instant pudding mix)
    3 egg whites
    1 1/4 cups water
    1 1/2 cups coarsely chopped oreos

    Mix well; pour into 9x13 pan; bake at 325 for 30-35 minutes, or until done.

    I cheated on the icing, there was a recipe for icing, but I used canned whipped white. The shame. Top with oreos cut in half. The # used depends on how many you eat from the package while the cake bakes!

    Stie: I am just getting started on New Moon, so too soon to tell. It's a fun brain vacation. Yeah, Edward rocks!

  7. The cake looks great...thanks for posting the recipe, I bet my girl would love it too...

    my kids are big and it still seems we celebrate birthdays for a week, though with a bit less running around the house in between! :)

  8. oh, and yes, I do know that it gets so humid that it fogs up the camera. sounds like a post I need to make on a blog....

  9. Whew! I'm worn out from all the running around! I love, love, love A's energy and your story fit her to a tee! Now if we could just bottle up that energy and pass it on to grown-ups! hee hee! Can't wait to make the cake... it has zero calories, right?!?!?

  10. She is such a little doll. This was too funny, Holly. :)

    I hope her party is tons of fun!

  11. That cookies and cream cake looks SO good! Count me in on the birthday.

  12. happy belated birthday! she is so sweet! :)

  13. Awww... too cute! It turned out to be a very fun backyard birthday too!

  14. They grow up so fast don't they!

  15. Happy birthday Annelise! Veronika and Elise were adopted from Russia too and they would love to write to you! What do you think? Their birthday is at the end of this month, they'll be 5! Holly - hope you are doing well, really ,we should put the girls together as pen pals! Have a g reat sunday!

  16. This is such a cute post from a 4 year old perspective! She is so cute! It looks like she is loving her birthday, and that cake looks YUM!

  17. Happy Birthday to your sweet, sweet girl!


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