It's 2:00 and...

I'm still in my PJs.

Nice, huh? Sometimes if I don't get ready first thing it just gets postponed. Indefinitely. My excuse is this morning our water was turned off while the city was working on something. Of course it's been back on for a few hours now. Oh well, I've still got time before Scott comes home, so really, what's the rush?

A. has decided she is a superhero. She has worn this "cape" since 8:00 am. I'm so thankful she is easily entertained!

Our chili supper is cooking in the crock pot. A cool front finally blew in and it's delightful!

While listening to SIRIUS classic country blaring (aren't I the epitome of cool?) I did my favorite kind of baking: EASY.

I made pumpkin cookies from cake mixes and canned pumpkin. No eggs or oil needed, weird huh? Love them. Smack, smack. You can see the recipe here. (A. likes them too.)

Now, on to some more important stuff...

Honestly, I've had a terrible time concentrating today because I'm so worried about Marie. Did you see Dancing with the Stars last night? What did you think of her odd behavior followed by a collapse? We DVRd it and I watched it over and over. Okay, I don't want to say anything disparaging about Marie, because, well...c'mon she's MARIE. I love her! But, was she three sheets to the wind or hopped up on something? I think there is more to this. What do you think?

Do have PJ days? Are you hooked on Dancing with the Stars? What do you listen to when you bake? Do you bake only from scratch or will you use mixes too?


  1. I saw Marie too! I have PJ days! I'm thinking of making those pumpkin cookies for myself! :) That's all I gotta say about that!

    Ok..well not all...I don't know..but poor Marie...yikes. How embarassing!

  2. Here's what I think about the Marie situation... I think that her outfit was too tight and she couldn't breathe deeply enough. Therefore after all of the excitement and exertion she fainted. It reminded me of when women would wear their corsets too tight and faint all the time. (Or should I say "swoon".) It was unsettling to see. But I think she is fine. And yes, Steve and I are addicted to DWTS!

    As for pajama days... I plan to have one tomorrow. No work, no appointments, just working on projects at home. :) My kids have them all the time!

    Re: baking from scratch or not. Chloe told me that I make the BEST brownies and cookies. I told her that I hope to pass down the family secret of opening a box of brownie mix and adding water, oil and eggs. But I do like to bake from scratch, too. As long as it tastes good!

  3. I LOVE pj days!! I'm jealous that I didn't get to have pj day today...maybe tomorrow! Ha!

    Oh, don't erase DWTS. I wanna come over and watch it. I missed the drama.

  4. Honestly, it seems like the moms who are still in their PJ's in the middle of the day are the ones who got up early and have already accomplished so many things that they never had time to change. Hats off to the women in PJ's!

  5. love pj days, don't watch dwts, listen to johnny cash or dan zanes, both, but usually from scratch because of the food allergies.

    (I think it's so nice when you ask these questions. I've copied you and tried it on my blog but my readers tend to be a little quieter. :) like, really quiet. except for a few of you that I cherish.)


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