What's Cooking?

I'm laying my cards out on the table. Well, maybe my placemats. Anyhoo...I didn't stick quite to the plan last week. The kitchen closed for 2 nights and we went out to eat. This little chef was okay with that.

Another confession, I'll probably have to go to the grocery store at least twice this week because I only have time to grab stuff for tonight. I'll have to do full force shopping tomorrow after I get myself together.

Here's what's on the menu for this week:

Monday: Chicken Tetrazzini with salad, broccoli and rolls.

Tuesday: Chunky Beef and Tomato Chili with salad. We are supposed to get a bit of a cool front, so chili sounds delightful.

Wednesday: I'm letting my crock pot do most of the work today with Savory Pork Roast with hashbrown casserole, green beans and salad. This is a do-over from last week.

Thursday: Leftovers (Bible study night)

Friday: Lasagna with garlic bread and salad.

I also can't wait to make these delicious Pumpkin Cookies sometime this week. They look divine! You can check out what's cooking in kitchens around Blogville by visiting Laura's Blog.


  1. I think I need to try your Savory Pork Roast recipe. It sounds yummy.

    --the other Holly!

  2. Your menu looks delicious! Don't you just love comfort foods as the weather cools?

  3. Yumyumyum! Can't wait to try the pork roast.


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