Standards or Snobbery...You Decide

Maybe I'm a bit of a running snob. It's possible. This realization came to me this afternoon as I registered for another half marathon. I have learned that I prefer certain types of courses, certain types of goodies (i.e. BLING) and certain support(i.e. they keep their promises).

There are two upcoming local events that are part of the warm-up series for the Chevron Houston Marathon in January (that's the Big Dog. Woof.) One is a half (13.1) and the other is a 25K (15ish), but they are both double or triple loop courses. They are very well supported, well organized and almost in my backyard. But triple loops? You mean I have to go around again? And again? Bleah!!

Last year I did the half and while it was something I felt like I should do, I promised myself not to do it again. My fragile running brain and morale just can not handle the monotony of looping through an area more than once. My brain gets bored and then it stops encouraging the body. Not a good situation folks.

That said, I have decided to forgo both of these local warm-up races and take my snobby running self (or maybe just immature running self) on a road trip. So, Marathon Bird is heading to The Alamo. It's a single loop course around downtown San Antonio, is fairly well established and you receive a medal and a shirt. In 2008 it is going to be a Rock N Roll Marathon, if that's your thing.

Snobby Runner also appreciates well supported and supplied aid stations(read water and sports drink offered), Plenty-O-Port-a-Potties, at least a medal and shirt, and a decent assortment of food after the race.

Snobby Runner's family appreciates staying at a hotel within walking distance of the start line. While convenient for Snobby Runner, it actually means said family can sleep in.

Yesterday, I learned another facet of Snobby Runner. She does NOT like to run in the rain. If SR is on her way or already out on the course and it starts to rain, don't worry, Snobby Runner can put on her Waterproof Big Girl Panties and deal. However, she will most likely not leave her comfy bed at 5:00AM to go run in the rain. That's right, I wimped out and went back to bed once I realized it was raining. A girl has to have her standards, right?


  1. I think I would be a snobby runner too. Don't be ashamed.

  2. Standards and Comforts Yes! The are a must for the runner in us all to keep on "truckin". You deffinately don't sound like you need a boring course at this point. Between Maine and the courses you mentioned in this post you would be doomed for sure.

  3. I'm a SR too...I guess! HA Can I come to SA with you?? :)

  4. I would vote for standards...if you're going to work so hard you might as well enjoy it! :)

  5. You make me laugh! I love the way you write. And, I think if you're going to train and push yourself to run that far -- it might as well be the conditions that make it most pleasant!

  6. It's standards. I would have a hard time running anything longer than a 10k that looped at all, even once. But, maybe I'm a snob. I also don't enjoy races that don't have some kind of scenery, unless they are for a good cause. Okay, that's not entirely true, but really, I have my standards. I think it's about what you care about. And it's not like you're out telling others not to run these races, right?

  7. Oh you make me laugh! The line about puttin' on the Big Girl Panties cracked me up. I'm going to try to use that in the near future.

  8. I am LAUGHING... I just ran my first 5K and think I am ADDICTED!!! I am signed up for like 4 more or something. I want to do a half in 2008- then maybe go for a full after that! I am doing a 2-day, 40 mile walk in Houston in April... so I am building up to walking 40 miles, by running (it works in my head, not sure it will help out there) At my first 5K (Race for the Cure) it started POURING on us right before we started...so I ran the whole thing SOAKING WET!! It was SO GROSS driving home being soaked all the way through my clothes!! UGH!!
    But... I am running, I am happy with it, and I am ready to go more miles and faster... I know, little by little!! I love you "running" blogs- they inspire me to want to do more!!

  9. this is really well written and was fun to read.
    I just want you to know how much I appreciate all your inspiration to us want to be runners.

  10. totally true- the more i run, the snobbier i get. i agree with not running in circles- the bad thing is all the local races here are BORING scenery for me.
    so jealous you're going to san antonio!!! i love that town. that'll be a fun marathon, for sure.

  11. I can't stand running in circles either. and I love to travel for races. what's the fun of doing the same event over and over? I'd rather see the world by the power of my own two feet. and I love medals. every race should have medals. (and t-shirts, of course)


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