SPT: I've Been Meaning to Fall in Love with Orange

For weeks now I have been meaning to get back on track with Self-Portrait Tuesdays. I kept telling myself next week, next week...later...why do now what you can delay, right? So, bear with me while I take some creative license and consolidate a bit.

Honestly, here in southern Texas, it's hardly Fall. I know that it's officially been Fall for a few weeks since the calendar said so. I felt some Fall in Maine. Not so much here. I have to pretend, while the A/C is whirring away.

I hang wreaths, put out the pumpkins and some festive Jack-o-Lanterns. In years past I have draped leaf garland here and there, but I just couldn't bring myself to do it this year. Since I have to create Fall, I rely on candles a lot. This one is called Autumn Wreath and it's helping me at least smell Fall.

I enjoy flipping through magazines and thinking about fun Fall things to do. Which I don't usually end up doing. Ever.

I also force Fall by cooking up soups and stews in my Crock Pot.

Even though it's 86 degrees outside.

These are my two favorite pumpkins. They are ratty and rustic. Perfect.

I do love the colors of Fall. The rich browns, bold yellows, warm reds and vibrant oranges. I even like to wear shades of orange. However, my orange shirts are long sleeved and are still in the upstairs closet. If I'm lucky, we might have a few cool days, sometime soon, so I can put these to good use. I'm optimistic.


  1. It's cute how you are trying so hard to make it fall inside, even if it's not outside. Cute pictures.

    I haven't heard about SPT, I will have to start trying that out. Maybe I will make it "Self Portrait Thursday" since that is tomorrow. Thanks for all the great ideas on blogging and other things that I get from your site. I may even take up the Menu Planning.

  2. It definitely makes it easier when nature cooperates. 86! There's got to be a happy medium between that and the snow my parents had in Montana last weekend. Really cute pictures of you with your autumnal efforts!

  3. Love all you decor Holly! Great SPT!

  4. Oh....I am feeling your pain of a poor Texas fall. It is horrible as it is my favorite season and even ARIZONA has a fall better than this. I will say it was so nice and cool this morning but even the little trickling of a few leaves just isn't cutting it for me. I do the same...force fall...and it feels so wrong. Oh, how I miss the season :D

  5. GREAT consolidated post!!

    we actually had a "cool front" move in last night... it's only going to be...78 today!! better than it's been, but still...

  6. oh wow- i forgot what texas is like in the fall! (and summer...). the crockpot made me laugh- it's 86 degrees!!!

  7. I love your decorations and I'm starting to cook more soups, too. But it felt so weird because it's hot here too. We had three 90 degree days in a row here in Maryland this week. But today it's sunny and 80 degrees with a cool breeze. Yay!

  8. Couple of things:
    1. LOVE those fun SPT pics with your little face peeking in the corner. Esp the crockpot one. :)

    2. The ratty/rustic pumpkins are awesome! So cute.

    3. I'm going to pressure you into posting your good soups & stews recipes. You owe it to all your fans & readers to post them!!!

    4. How are you liking the Year of Wonders? Should I read it? I need good books suggestions.


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