What Are You Into This Month?

Just when I thought my Bloggy Well had run dry, I found this meme over at Musings of a Housewife and thought I'd play along too.

Books I'm Really Into: I just finished The Gardens of Kyoto and I am in that strange in between time of wondering What Shall the Next Book Be? It's a big decision, folks. It has to suit my mood of the moment and catch my interest fairly quickly. A tall order I know. I have several on my shelves that I've been thinking of as The Next One. The committee is still out though. Here are some of the candidates:

Sarah's Quilt by Nancy E. Turner

Katherine by Anya Seton

Housekeeping by Marilynne Robinson

TV Show Worth Watching: I can't wait for the new season of Amazing Race. LOVE that show! I'd love to be on it--what an experience. Although I might run the race better with a girlfriend than with Scott. It would either bring out the best in us or the complete worst and we'd be "That Couple" that gets discussed and ridiculed the next day. We are also hooked on Man vs. Wild. Bear is the best!

Movie I've Seen (In or Out of the Theater): The last one in the theater was Bourne Ultimatum. Love me some Matt Damon. I'm also a huge fan of Netflix and movies right in my mailbox.

The Candle I'm Loving: Right now I like Fall, homey scents. I'm almost done with my Yankee Candle in Autumn Wreath.

Blogs I'm Visiting: I have several that I visit obsessively regularly. I just love the whole idea of having Bloggy Friends all aver the country. Such sisterly goodness! A new one I've lurked a bit on is Take I90West. I'm gathering up my courage to comment. Soon.

What I'm Most Looking Forward to Next Month: Well, let's see, Thanksgiving of course, which as a special treat this year falls on my birthday. Gobble-gobble. We might also do the Turkey Trot that morning. Just to balance out some of the gobble-gobble. I'm also looking forward to another half marathon in a few weeks in San Antonio.

So, if you read this please feel free to play along. C'mon, it'll be fun! Leave me a comment so I can check out your list, k?


  1. I'm glad your bloggy well has not run dry! I love Amazing Race, too! But, I have no desire to go on it myself. I don't have the skills to be fast, be brave, or be sleep deprived. But, I will cheer you on if you ever do it!

    Good luck with your next book pick. I had to stop in the middle of mine because I know something bad is about to happen, and I'm trying to protect the characters a little longer before I go on.

  2. i'm embarrassed at my answers to these, but i'm playing along. :) so excited your b-day is on turkey day!!

  3. Great! More books to add to my list. Now I'll NEVER get to them all. Thanks a lot. ;-)

  4. I think I made my book decision.I hope I don't regret this, but, I'm going to escape for a while to Midieval England with Katherine.

  5. I'm really looking forward to Amazing Race as well. I would have to go with my man since I have the worst sense of direction. Really, it's bad. ;)

  6. I'm with Laurie. I'd have to go with Jon because I can't read a map to save my life. It's so bad it's embarrassing. I'd be the bickerer (word?). I know I'd be made out to be the ornery lame one that every one loves to message board about what a snot I am. Who cares, I still would love to do it!

    Happy birthday on Turkey Day!

  7. I, too, love Take 90 West. She's a good read.

    Thanks for the good list of books. I need to stop reading blogs and pull out an actual book now and then.

  8. I also love Man vs. Wild and Bourne Ultimatum. Thanks for the list of books too. I just started the Stephanie Hale books but I'll need some back up when I'm done.

  9. I love the Amazing Race! It would be so fun to be on it. But like you I would have to go with a girlfriend. I know we would be "that couple". However he is really good with direction....

    Man Vurses Wild is really good and we also like to watch Survivor Guy. Another fave is Deadliest Catch. Can't wait for that to start up again!

  10. I watched A.R. in the past and loved it. I think I'd like to do it with Patrick, we suprise us under pressure. (sometimes. ha! that's good tv, though.) I think I'll watch it this time...especially since we don't have cable. wahhhhh!

  11. that is a nice long list...of books...wow...I am trying to read one and it is hard. I love movies, but haven't been in a long long time, however, I DO have blockbusters...which is amazing too. November is comming...holidays...wow fast.

  12. You thought your blogging well was running dry? Say it isn't so. Every time I sit down to blog I think I have nothing to say, but then end up writing a long post...what's up with that?

    Did you like Gardens of Kyoto? I did. I also like Sarah's Quilt and Housekeeping, but haven't heard of the other book you're considering.


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