What's Cooking?

Here's what's cooking in our kitchen this week:

Monday: Chicken with Wine Sauce with salad and green peas.

Tuesday: Jiffy Spanish Rice served with flour tortillas and salad.

Wednesday: Savory Pork Roast (crock pot) served with hash brown casserole and green beans.

Thursday: Lip Smackin' Leftovers

Friday - Sunday: Camping trip!!

I was a bit of a Nellie Naysayer about menu planning for a while, but now I'm giving it a whirl. Planning, shopping and cooking in a somewhat orderly fashion is less stressful than I thought. Who knew? Last week went really well and we enjoyed eating at home. That's right, no eating out until lunch on Sunday. That's huge!

If you get a chance check out other menus by visiting Laura's Blog. What's cooking in your kitchen this week?


  1. oh, if only i could plan! :) i give in too much to the current mood for food. what a great idea to have your menu set out.

  2. You have been on the ball lately with your menu planning!:) I usually try to plan out in advance my week's menu also, but have fallen short of the task these past few weeks. I have tried to add more 'fish' dishes to the menu lately, because it takes such a short time to broil them. This past Saturday we had Salmon with Mustard Cream sauce and Pepper Slaw (I know the mustard cream doesn't sound so good, but it really is). The great thing is that the fish only took about 8 minutes to cook--can't beat that.

  3. I'm off the wagon! It's not good. Menus are so good for me, why do I keep rebelling?

    Okay, I'm planning tonight. Did you start a cooking blog over there? Awesome! I've been thinking of doing the same thing -- just to have a good place to keep my recipes and menu ideas, too.

  4. Your menus sound "dee-lish." :)

    You sound like such a good cook!

  5. Ha! Ha! Crystal! Thank you, but really all I can do is follow a recipe...otherwise I'd be lost--and hungry.

  6. I have had that chicken in wine sauce before and it is SO good.

    How fun - a camping trip!


  7. I really need to get on the Menu Plan Monday bandwagon, but it means I'd have to cook and I don't want to. Is that so wrong?


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