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I love Tuesday mornings. We don't usually have anything on our morning schedule, which is actually nice. I stumbled out to the kitchen to make my required pot of coffee. A. wasn't yet stirring, so I was being as quiet as the quietest mouse ever. I made it back to my bed and my book with my steaming cup of goodness. This was the best!

I was determined to finish my book. Soon, once A. got up, it became evident that PBS was going to help me accomplish this feat. (No judgment please.) A. settled in to watch Super Why and I went back to 1666.

I love historical fiction. To me, that's one of the best ways to learn about the past in an interesting way. Now this morning I was finishing up a book about the Black Plague. Yes, on some levels the story could be seen as depressing, I mean c'mon it IS about plague. Thankfully, it's about much more than that. Human strength, faith, fear, life, death, relationships,and much more. The author weaves a beautiful story around a very dark episode in history. You can read more about this book here. Geraldine Brooks is also the author of another historical fiction novel, March, which I also enjoyed.

Jill recently shared something cool with me. Have you heard of Goodreads? I've just played around a little with it, but it seems a nifty way to share what you are reading.

What are you reading these days? Can you recommend any historical fiction must reads?


  1. I have heard about that book. I am also on Goodreads. It's fun to be able to look up reviews for any given title. I also like the feature of being able to put books in your "to-read" folder. That way you don't forget. I'll be looking for your list. BTW, I clicked on your "Marathon Bird Cooks!" link to the right and am salivating! I left you a comment. :)

  2. Holly,

    You are GREAT at giving out good book selections!!!! You always have the best ideas. Keep them coming!

    Oh...no judgment about PBS here! I have already looked up the shows for tomorrow so I could plan my day...I need some recovery from todays CRAZINESS!

  3. I absolutely love historical fiction!!! My mom and I both loved reading books by the author, Victoria Holt. She wrote two historical fiction books on Queen Elizabeth and Marie Antoinette (both books I believe are aptly named, 'Elizabeth' and 'Marie Antoinette') as well as numerous other romance/mysteries. You'll definitely have to try some of her books--I love them! I'll definitely have to read the book you mentioned--I'm always up for another good read. By the way, my kids loooovvvvee 'Superwhy'
    (that's when I do dishes in the morning--LOL!)

  4. This book sounds interesting. I too love historical fiction and find reading them very insigtful. I also love historical fiction movies and look forward to seeing the 2nd installment of Queen Elizabeth that opened this last week. I loved Cate Blanchet, so cool. I am reading Memory keepers daughter, it's a bit drawn out and boring, but I am persistant and am trying to push through it quickly.

  5. I love historical fiction more than any other genre! You should read Katherine, by Anya Seaton (i think). Wendi (dancinqueen) recommended it & it is fabulous!

  6. I love historical fiction, too and I will definitely have to add that to my list. Last night, I just finished a trilogy about Josephine Bonepart. It was SOOOOO good. I can't get it out of my head. I was so sucked in. The links and info for all of them are on my sidebar. You will love them.

    On another note, I was working up at the school yesterday morning and what do you think I started whistling? Yes, I whistle... The CANDY MAN!! Yep! Too funny.

  7. Hi again. I posed a question for you on my post today. Go see; this non-winter runner needs help.

  8. Morning reading in the cozy is so great, and I think having PBS help you out with that is just fine!

    We read this book a couple years ago in book club and we all really liked it.

    I'm totally hooked on Good Reads now and am racking my brain to remember everything I've read in the past. It's making me feel like I have something to show for all those hours I spent reading.

  9. we have been reading about the middle ages, so I want to see Elizabeth too. My oldest nephew has been really intrigued by the "black death"...

  10. I've seen this book around in the bookstores and I often wonder if it would be something that would interest me, so this might be my push to get it.
    although I still have a couple of books ahead to tackle

  11. I have March sitting on my "to read" shelf, and have wondered if this one was good, too. I'm loving the Good Reads site. It's so fun to see what people are reading, and how they felt about it.


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