Are you sitting down? Did you take your meds this morning? Okay then.

This is my 200th post!

Oh my.

My little brain has been spinning about how to properly honor this achievement. (Ha). I know some bloggers celebrate their 100th post by sharing 100 tidbits about themselves. I had wanted to do this, but didn't realize I was already over 100 posts. So I waited. Now, does anyone really want to read 200 tidbits about little 'ol me?


Do I even HAVE 200 tidbits to share?

How about a fun little giveaway? I like that too.

In the spirit of not making a firm decision, I think I'll do both. My little fence is pretty comfy.

Stay tuned for my tidbits AND a giveaway...


  1. WOW~ Time flies when your having fun! Now I want to go back and count my posts! I don't think I am anywhere near 200!

  2. Wow, that is amazing. I am almost to 100 so I am just a blogging newborn.

  3. Can't wait for some Marathon Bird tidbits and I'm excited about winning your giveaway! How's that for confidence!

  4. Somebody's been busy! :) I can't say much...I'm well on my way!

  5. Tidbits and a giveaway? I am so there!

  6. Fun! Congrats! (And way to be decisive. Snort.)

  7. 200! Wow, I need to count up mine. I have so many drafts I need to delete to kknow exactly how many I have. Love your blog! Can't wait for the contest - will be lots of fun :)

  8. Congratulations on the big 2-0-0!!

    I am patiently waiting for your tidbits. My plan is to settle in with a big mug of coffee and really get to know all about you. :)

  9. Congratulations Holly - that is quite an achievement!! Here's to 200 more! Take care.

  10. Received your sweet thank you card yesterday - love it! You are so creative!

  11. Congrats on your 200th post!! That really is an accomplishment.


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