All in Less Than 24 Hours

Since I am a bit of a running snob and did not want to run a local triple loop course, Marathon Bird and crew headed out to San Antonio Saturday.

After navigating through downtown, circling the convention center no less than four times searching for a parking place, resigning ourselves to parking no less than 10 blocks away, I finally received my race packet. We then ventured out for an early pasta dinner at the Spaghetti Warehouse.

We were all in much better spirits after our drinks and food arrived.

We stayed at the Gunter Hotel in downtown San Antonio. It's a nice historic hotel that has been restored. Another plus is that it was 3 blocks from the starting line so I was able to walk over there easily while Scott and A. slumbered away.

We (including Curious George) walked over Saturday night so I'd know what to expect in the morning. I tried to tell A. a smidge about The Alamo. I can't wait to submerge her in riveting Texas history when she's a tad older.

Scott was given the awesome responsibility of taking pictures for The Blog. Ahem. I was able to see them at mile 4 when the course passed in front of our hotel and then again at the finish. This is the only picture from the entire event. Annelise took it at the finish line. Ahem.

I'm the one in pink shuffling towards the finish. We finished inside the Alamodome and our image was flashed up on the Jumbotron screen. Nice. While Scott took plenty of video with his "toy", he neglected his blog responsibility. No pictures. Sigh.

I enjoyed the race. It was well organized and the course was a good way to see different areas of San Antonio. There was a great turnout of support along the way which made it fun.


It was hot y'all! One should not get a slight sunburn in November. (Um Hmm, I did.) Thankfully, I wore my fuel belt and there was plenty of water and Gatorade along the course. I had hopes of improving my turtle time, but it was not to be. Oh well.

After the race my feet were talking to me. Loudly. I decided to give an ice bath a try. Yes, you read correctly, an ice bath. I tried it last season and couldn't stand it, so I followed a different strategy this time. I took a warm bath first, to relax my tired muscles and warm up. Then I drained the warm and added cold water. Scott dumped in several buckets of ice and brought me coffee (I guess he was feeling guilty about forgetting the pictures). While it WAS cold, it was much more bearable this time and my legs felt quite refreshed.

Here's proof:

A little race bling.

I like the shirt and the medal. I do wish they'd given out finisher's shirts as well though (Houston has spoiled me). The little circle thing is my pace band I printed out. If you have a certain time goal to finish within, this tool will calculate your time for each mile. I've worn one in past races and it's really helped me focus on my goal. I soon realized I had been overly optimistic for this race once it warmed up. Not a PR, but another race finished. That's still a good thing.

Marathon Bird and Crew leaving San Antonio.

Little Marathon Bird about 5 minutes after we were on the freeway.

Just 62 days until this! Oh my!


  1. Congratulations on another race finished! I hyperventilate at the thought of aerobics. You are my hero.

  2. YEA! I am so proud of you. You did awesome and Scott is fired. I want more pics! HA HA.. Tell him I'm just joking!

    What a fun experience! Next year maybe I can go with ya!

    Love ya!

  3. You go, girlfriend. I am in complete and utter awe of your running skills.

  4. I am seriously in complete awe of you and your running!!! And so jealous. I want to be a marathon bird!

  5. I'm not a total copy cat dork. I didn't read the comment before mine until after I commented. I really try to be more original than that. Sorry...

  6. ahhh, the ice bath. sometimes you just gotta endure the pain. I generally like to wear a beanie with a towel wrapped around my shoulders. you know, to keep some of the warmth in. and squeezing my husband's hand really really hard never hurts either (well, it might hurt him, but whatev)

  7. I love the pict of yall at the alamo at night....yes, TX history lessons in the making! :)

  8. yup...better fire that hubby!!! LOL! I am so utterly jealous that you did that! It's a dream of mine to run a marathon. That would be great!
    Glad you did it, and got your ice bath! Your family is darling!


  9. Alright! I love your post-race writings and the picture that A. took at the finish line cracked me up. I know you were hoping for more than one photo from the race!
    Love the Curious George sitings too. I noticed him right beside A. in her car seat. :)

  10. I love the pics of your half! You rock on your (what is it 50th half-marathon? I can't even keep track, you've done so many! :) Too bad Scott couldn't get a real clear shot of you during your run--what was he doing anyway during that time as you made the loop around?! Oh well, men and women are truly different creatures! You are truly inspiring!

  11. aaahhhh!!! i've been out of the blog loop too long! i am so jealous of running in san antonio!! :) how fun. while not a texan in the truest sense, i claim it as my adopted homeland. :)
    congratulations on your half!! holy cow! very exciting- you rock!

  12. Let's hope Scott has learned his non-picture taking lesson in 62 days! Congratulations on your race! A sunburn! Unheard of in November in my part of the world.

  13. Yay!!! Congrats, Holly. You are awesome.

    (I loved how you called A. "little marathon bird"...so cute.)

  14. Well, maybe Scott can redeem himself if he uploads some of the video to YouTube and you can post it on your blog! I know you are proud of your accomplishment! I think it's great. And what a great example to A.

  15. Your hair looks great! You are so awesome and inspiring! What a fun weekend for the whole family and your little girl gets to see you in the race! Yeah! Thanks for sharing :)

  16. Wow - good for you. And ... you could have come and seen me - I live in SA!!! ANd ... it is too hot! The Gunter Hotel - that was nice, huh? Glad you had a good race and came to visit SA. Take care.

  17. Wow, that is awesome! Congrats! And another marathon in 62 days! You go girl! Good luck.

  18. Great job! I am so impressed. I love San Antonio. I think it's SOOO fun to take a trip and stay downtown. It is one of the funnest downtowns! Glad it was such a fun weekend.

  19. I'm a shuffle-runner too! Everyone else looks like they're in Chariots of Fire, & I look like i'm 82 yrs old. Wanna be my running friend?! (or maybe YOU just shuffle at the end of a marathon...)

    I had to laugh at Scott being a "man-snapper" with the camera. Jill's post yesterday was along the same lines, accusing her husband of being a "man-looker." Funny you!

    Way to go, you running machine! I'm in total awe.

  20. I am totally impressed! Great job! It looks like the whole family had a grea time too!

  21. it sounds like a fun time! i loved going back and reading your snobby runner post. too funny!

  22. I totally admire you. I have never been much of a runner but think that it is awesome and has to be very rewarding. Way to go!


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