The Next 50

The 200th post tidbit parade continues...

51. Before we had Annelise, we never really traveled like we should have, you know, footloose and fancy free.
52. We did take a cruise to Cozumel, Grand Cayman and Jamaica. I enjoyed it, but felt a bit like a sheep at times being herded around.
53. Scott and I also traveled to Singapore on a mission trip in 2002. Even though we didn't know it then, the long plane trip prepared us for another trip in the future.

54. When we flew to Moscow, Russia twice(within two weeks) in 2004 to meet our daughter.

55. This summer we flew to Maine to visit Scott's family. Now I'm no longer scared to travel longer distances with a child. I've learned the memories and experiences far outweigh any worries or fears.
56. In large groups I tend to be quiet and reserved. Maybe even shy.
57. I relate better in small groups or one on one.
58. I don't mind being alone. In fact, I crave it sometimes.
59. As a child, I was in between a girly girl and a tomboy.
60. I played with dolls and Barbies (and Little People of course).
61. I could also bait my own hook.

62. I loved playing outside on my swing set, riding my bike, jumping rope or rollerskating.
63. I thought I was so cool with my disco tennis shoe roller skates. They were bright blue with yellow stripes and jumbo yellow wheels. Yep, cool.
64. I wanted to be Laura Ingalls badly.

65. I had the biggest crush on Elvis. The young one, not the Las Vegas one.

66. I was convinced I would grow up and marry him.
67. One of my first records, for my little Sears record player, was Elvis, Live from Hawaii.
68. I was devastated when he died.
69. I moved on to Shaun Cassidy and The Fonz. He-y-y-yy.

70. I had long hair when I was little.
71. My mom discovered the Shag, hence so did I.

72. My mom thought it was adorable and easier to fix.
73. I thought I looked like a boy and was devastated.
74. In 6th grade, after my hair had grown again for several years, she did it to me again.
75. 6th grade is NOT the time to drastically change your appearance, trust me.
76. Plus I got braces.
77. By junior high we reached a hair truce and I got my own curling iron to create the wings or sausage rolls, depending on how my hair did that day.
78. I even carried a little butane curling iron to high school.
79. Hair is a big deal in Texas.

My senior portrait circa 1986

80. I also carried vital make up and hair spray to reapply between classes and after P.E.
81. I was never in an organized sport during school, so I had to take P.E. What a treat.
82. We were a close little family when I was growing up.
83. When I was in 8th grade my grandmother had a heart attack and passed away.
84. Our little family was rocked to its core as my grandmother had been a very large part of our lives.
85. My mom was hit hardest.
86. Her health rapidly declined and in 1983, she passed away. I was a freshman in high school.
87. This loss has defined me in many ways.
88. My dad remarried and I had a stepmother.
89. This addition also defined me in many ways.
90. I'm not a social butterfly.
91. I find comfort in having a few close friends.

92. I have a freakish memory, especially for details.
93. In marriage, this can be disconcerting.
94. I like silver jewelry, not gold.
95. I don't wear a lot of jewelry or accessories. Usually.
96. My favorite ensemble is a t-shirt (typically white, brown or black)and jeans, capris or bermuda shorts.
97. I wear comfortable shoes. I love my Crocs, flips and Born Mary Janes.

98. I detest pantyhose.
99. I have colored hose flashbacks from the late 80s and early 90s. Shiver.
100. However, I love my Spanx and BodyWrap foundation garments. ;)

I bet you are on the edge of your seat for the next fascinating installment of tidbits, right?


  1. Oh, Holly! I just love you! Thanks for sharing...and the pic of your mother! priceless! I can't wait for more! I'm on the edge of my seat here!

  2. Wow! Lots of things about you to learn...I love this. I love the photo of you and friends. Keep the tidbits coming!

  3. I love hearing all of the tidbits about yourself (especially when they're reiterated in that wry sense of humour of yours.) You always make me laugh! :) I especially love the picture of your mother. It is amazing how much you look like her. Keep those tidbits coming--I'm hooked!

  4. We are both traveling down Memory Lane this week. I can't imagine what you went through losing your mom while you were in high school. I love the picture of the two of you - the shag is cute on you but oh! don't I know what you mean about changing your hairstyle in 6th grade. For me, it was the spiral perm on my short hair. Yikes.

  5. Great tidbits! Keep them coming. And have a great Thanksgiving too!

  6. Wow, what great memories. How sad for the loss of your mom when you were so young. My dad just remarried so you need to give me step-mother tips. I need them.

    I can relate to the hairpray thing in junior high and high school.

  7. These are wonderful tidbits! I also had a thing for the Fonz. And got a short hair cut in 6th grade. Oh my.

    I can't imagine how tough that would have been to lose your mom at any age, but especially that age. Hugs, my friend!

  8. Holly - I loved these posts. I am looking forward to the next 100. Seriously. xo

  9. I'm hopping blogs because..well, because I have piles of laundry and floors to mop. But I was happy to stumble upon yours. I love that you live on the same street you grew up on...and your house is darling. I, too am a bookstore junkie, but haven't delved into children's lit. much yet. I suppose that's coming as my own littles get bigger.

  10. These tidbits are so interesting, they make me want to know more. Was your mom ill before your grandmother died?

    #92 and #93 are especially funny.


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