Odds and Ends...and a Little Dog Too!

It's just been one of those days. For the past several days. You know the type, nothing new or interesting in particular, just the odds and ends of life.

In short, not a lot of blog fodder.

Have you heard about NaPloPoMo? I think it's a neat idea, but I fear I would be forced to type my grocery list or something, because I just don't think I could post every. single. day. The pressure! I seem to be a free spirit type of blogger. Plus, I'm already 7 days late. Sigh.

I do like Chloe's idea of Attitude of Gratitude posts during November. I am already 7 days behind though. Sigh.

Today I am grateful for several things:

~Finishing my book Katherine (Outstanding historical fiction!) and starting this.
~Running early this morning in the brisk Fall air. Sweet.
~Getting my hair color "refreshed" and cut this morning.
~Driving, by myself, back from the salon with 80s music blaring. Yes, I drive an SUV. Yes, there is a car seat in said SUV. Yes, I just "refreshed" my gray hairs. But I still feel 15 inside y'all. Seriously.
~Meeting Scott for lunch at Thai Seafood. DEE-lish!
~Having some free time to browse, by myself, through Marshalls, Hobby Lobby and Stein Mart. I didn't buy one stinkin' thing either, but that's okay.
~Sitting here sipping my coffee and blogging for a bit.

Of course there are many,many things I am grateful for. Maybe I will try to follow Chloe's lead after all. How about you?

Now, on another note...

I have a question for y'all. Since when are Accessory Dogs allowed in stores? Not Assistance Dogs, but Accessory Dogs. They're turning up in more and more places. Who knew that Pomeranians like to shop at SteinMart? I was a bit taken a back when a gentlemen (yes, a MAN) wheeled one by me this afternoon. Curious.

It was SteinMart people, not PetsMart. What's in it for the dog?


  1. Holly - I still feel 15 yrs old too! No kidding. Well, maybe 16yrs. I think I'll do the Attitude of Gratitude posts, too.

  2. I hate accessory dogs too. It's just too much. Have you seen the ones with their own stroller? That could be a blog post in and of itself.

    I'm like you... the boring day to day stuff... refreshing your hair can really make your WEEK! Let along your day.

  3. I think the lack of blog fodder is everywhere!

    When you finish Sarah's Quilt, tell me how it is. I have it on my to-read list.

  4. A trip to the salon with 80's music to follow.....sheer bliss!! I love it. I agree, those accessory dogs have got to go. Come on people, if you really need to take care of something, volunteer to babysit my kids for a few hours.

  5. Love it!!!
    You're too cute!!!
    I need to get my hair refreshed! And go jogging!!
    You're an inspiration!!


  6. ahh! i love katherine. thanks for reminding me to pick it up!

  7. Nothing like a fresh color at the salon, no kids, and some 80s music. And WHAT IS WITH people and their accessory dogs? I can't stand all the jewelery and clothes they put on them. Some of those dogs are dressed better than me!

  8. "Steinmart - not Petsmart" - very cute! I think these people need to leave their little dogs at home - it's crazy! I'm Kellan - nice to meet you.

  9. a friend and I once had a little challenge between ourselves to post every day for a week. yeah, we didn't make it. I think I lasted five days, and he lasted four. sometimes it's just hard to write when forced {unless you have a lot of exciting, random stuff going on}

    also, I tried to do the nanowrmo (national novel writing month--where you try and write a 50,000 word novel only during november) a couple years ago, which is what the nablpomo (national blog posting month) was patterned after. yeah, I think I lasted like 4 days of writing, deleting, re-writing. I ended up with like 200 words or something. it was a sorry time. I think I'll stick to the occasional blog post.

  10. Sounds like you had a great day!

    The whole dog thing is just bit weird,lol!

  11. Love the attitude of gratitue. What a great thing.

  12. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  13. PS Katherine is one of my all time hands-down favorite books!

  14. Hi, just stopping by. I have seen you comment on two blogs I read regularly. Wanted to check you out. I am a Texan transplanted to I.DEE.HO. It is always fun to find Texan blogs. I have seen dogs at the grocery store, one time I saw a small pooch bending out of the cart licking the plastic wrapped meat. NICE!!

  15. What a great way to remember its the little things we should be grateful for! Maybe I should be a cheater and copy you one of these days...I think lack of blog fodder is going around. :)

    I'm not much of a dog lover myself and have wondered the same thing. And really? A man with a chick dog in a cart? I agree with you...curious.

  16. There is a mom at my girls' school who brings her high maintenance little pooch into the school every day to pick up her kids. If it was a big dog, there would be no way. It's an odd phenomenon. Maybe I'd participate if my dog weren't so darn smelly. I'd hate to have that be known as my signature fragrance. :) No, even if she smelled good and was small enough to tote, I wouldn't.


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