Of Birds and Birthdays

Thanksgiving morning started a bit early for me this year. At 2:00 am I stumbled out to plug in the bird filled crock pot. That wasn't too bad, since I had put everything together the night before. I decided to give Kelly's No Fuss Recipe a whirl this year. I am all about easy and keeping oven juggling to a minimum. Soon I was back asleep and the bird was simmering away.

Joy of joys, a cold front moved in during the night so we woke to a sunny, windy, brisk morning. I was thrilled to pull on my running tights and 2 (count them) layers of shirts and head out for a run. We had planned on running in a local Turkey Trot, but A. has been battling a cough and we didn't want her to have a setback. I had a super duper run, because of the cooler weather. Beautiful.

I'm trying Kristi's fun way of documenting the miles.
I came home to this.

See, today was also my birthday and I'm the big 3-9. (In my head and heart though I'm convinced I remain somewhere around 16.) Every few years I share my birthday with the bird. (We celebrated earlier this week and I'll post about it soon.)


While I was out, Scott rummaged around in my card stash and found a homemade birthday card. But see, as it turns out, I basically made my own birthday card. Nice, huh? Oh well.

Soon it was time to scurry around in the kitchen (while the boys watched football and munched on spinach artichoke dip of course) and eventually sit down to our Thanksgiving Spread.

This is the first Thanksgiving I have prepared at home, since we've had Annelise. The first year we had JUST arrived back in the states with Annelise and so we ate out. The last two years we also ate out and came back here for desserts and coffee. Even though it was easy, it wasn't as personal and wasn't the best family tradition for A.'s memories. So. I was one with my kitchen this year.

The turkey came out perfect! It was so tender and juicy. This may be my new favorite way to prepare turkey. We also had salad, cornbread stuffing, green beans, corn casserole, cranberries and rolls. Needless to say our tummies were satisfied. Of course there's always room for pecan pie squares or cherry pie or cheesecake for dessert!

Before I knew it Thanksgiving was basically over. Except for the dishes.

Those didn't take too long thank goodness. Then it was time to fix a to-go bag for my dad (he had visits to make). Some recliner recovery and of course...

some catch and some hopscotch.

Then a traditional viewing of this classic. I *heart* Charlie Brown!

All in all a wonderful Thanksgiving and birthday!

How did you spend your Thanksgiving?

Do you have to share your birthday with a holiday?


  1. Yay, I'm the first to wish you a Happy Birthday! My crock pot turkey turned out great, too. Definitely the way to go! Glad you had a good run this morning and came back to a surprise homemade card! Too funny!

  2. Happy Birthday Holly!!! Your Thanksgiving, Birthday and morning run all sound like an excellent combination for a great day!

    My birthday is July 9th so I don't actually share it with a holiday, but it is sometimes effected by the 4th of July (people gone on vacations and family reunions and such), so the two dates always go together a bit for me.

  3. Happy Birthday Holly!!! It sounds like you had a great one..even if you DID get up at 2 AM, run AND have to make your card and cook! :) HA! Love ya!

  4. Happy Birthday!!! You're awesome to get up that early to do a turkey! I'm so jealous of your run! I'm going into serious withdrawals!
    I don't share a birthday with a holiday yearly, but sometimes the SuperBowl falls on my birthday...which is a bummer as I'm not a fan!
    I hope you had an awesome time!!!

  5. Ah, a 2am wake up call for turkey! That's dedication. I almost went running but it was 49 degrees and that's too cold for this mama. I am an April birthday so I don't have to share with a holiday but my brother was born on Christmas day and we ALWAYS forget his birthday. So sad. Happy 39 to you!

  6. Happy Birthday Holly! I almost celebrate my birthday with a holiday. My birthday is December 15th.

    Love the crockpot turkey recipe, I may steal that one.

  7. Holly,
    I just can't stand it, I am busting at the seams....I am your "secret pal, pink Christmas girlfriend", Amy. I sent off your package a couple of days ago, I have SO enjoyed your blog....you won't believe all we have in common! I won't write a "book" although I could! I just needed to say "Happy belated Birthday, girlfriend!" Can't wait for you to open your package!!

  8. Happy, Happy Birthday Holly!!! It sounds like you had a fun (and busy) day! I'll definitely have to get your slow-cooker turkey recipe--it sounds delish! Love you and many happy (belated) wishes on your big day!

    My birthday is at the beginning of December, so its in-between holidays but not on an actual one. My dear hubby's, though, is on February 14th, so I have a dualing birthday/holiday to deal with for him (not like he's expecting a dozen roses or anything, but I kind of hate that for him too..)

  9. happy belated birthday! and i'm so glad you liked the turkey!

  10. happy birthday!!

    i also share my day with the turkey every few years. i will be celebrating tomorrow (and if i use your method of counting, i will be *15* this year!!)

    glad you got your run in - fun in the cold, huh?

  11. Just checking in on the festivities! Sounds like a fun turkey day... lots of full bellies and full hearts. Every 5 years my BD in on Thanksgiving too! It's kind of neat to have all the family together and have pumpkin pie AND BD cake!!! However, it makes is tricky to see your friends to celebrate too. So glad you had a great day!

  12. you are a wonderful woman and on my list of who inspired me to accomplish my goals this year.
    i love your mileage documentation!

    i have a after christmas birthday,so i always seemed to get great stuff that was then on sale.

  13. Happy Birthday! Sounds like you had a great holiday. :-)

  14. HAPPY HAPPY (late) bday- sorry I missed it! I'll try to get something fun out for your bday this week....sounds like you had a good one though. I don't share my bday with other holidays but with my lil sis (2 days before me). I didn't like it when I was little but now enjoy sharing. Anyway-
    happy happy day.
    Thinking of you.
    P.s. The silhouette thing- I did them. It was simple- take profile shots with your camera- print them out big on 8.5 x 11 paper. Tape black cardstock the pic (behind it) and cut around (other people use exacto knives but I just used really good scissors). Then frame it out and voila! You should do it and I want to see when you do.

  15. Happy Belated Birthday!!! I am glad you had a good one!
    My father in law's bday is the same day too! So we put a candle in the pie and sang to him.
    Glad you had a great Thanksgiving...sounded yummy.


  16. hey happy birthday to you...i think me too I am stuck somewhere in my teens....

  17. Jane had a birthday on Thanksgiving, too. Sounds like you had a great time. Happy birthday!!! Funny how those years creep up but we don't feel any different, huh??

    We have tons of birthday/holidays in my fam. My grandma is Halloween, my bro is Christmas, my youngest is sometimes Easter and my dh is sometimes Father's Day. Not to mention Jane/Thanksgiving. We also have many birthdays that cluster. There isn't one that stands alone.

  18. Happy, happy birthday to you, my bloggy friend. I'm glad you got to celebrate your day in style (with all of America, no less) and I laughed so hard at you making your own card. Husbands, no? At least he did something!

  19. Aww, happy birthday! I've been out of it this month with my sick girl and 3 of my daughters' birthdays, but I'm sad that I missed your birthday!

    I share my birthday with Labor Day every few years, which is nice because it doesn't involve any real obligations like getting up at 2 a.m. to cook a turkey. You're a wonder woman! I'm quite sure that at 2 a.m., I would have decided that nobody really wanted turkey.

  20. Running really was such a great way to start me Turkey Day!

    And...you are my new inspiration. If I can look as good as you at 39 and still be running, I will be one happy girl. The only problem is that I don't think I look as good as you now...and I'm only 30. Sad, sad, sad. ;-)

    Happy, happy, happy belated birthday!

  21. What a great day to have your birthday! You make 39 look awesome!


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