SPT: Trick or Treat

Boo to you! This week's challenge was, appropriately, about Halloween. I enjoy most things Halloween-ie. I like Jack-O-Lanterns; bright orange and black; happy, cute ghosts and goblins; and kids in their costumes bursting with excitement and sugar. The scary haunted houses; overly frightening costumes; skulls and zombies; the "Dark Twisted" side of Halloween I try to avoid and ignore.

These feelings started young, as evidenced by this picture...

Here I am decked out in plastic and polyester, circa 1971. I was Goldilocks. I remember my mom making my costumes for a few years(after this one), but our family seems to be photographically challenged. I remember being a witch, but a pleasant one of course. Maybe I was that 2 years in a row or something, because I don't remember dressing up too much after that, and again, no pictures. Maybe my mom made an arbitrary decision that I was too old to dress up any more, I'm not sure.

We celebrated Halloween by decorating our house (think happy Jacks, pumpkins and cute black cats). We also hosted a pumpkin carving/painting party this past Saturday. Several families from our church joined in on the carving and painting fun.

Annelise decided to paint hers...

purple and green, which soon resembled abstract art. Next, she helped Scott drive in pegs to make a bat, like a pumpkin Lite Bright. Have you seen those kits? Nifty.

Most of the kids painted and left the carving to the grown ups.

The kids finished up their projects quickly so they could continue...

playing! It was so sweet to see the bigger kids watching out for and even playing with the little kids. They all had a blast together.

Once twilight hit, it was time for the pumpkins to glow.

Last night, before church, we did our 2 house trick-or-treating. Can you guess who Annelise was?

That's right, direct from Kansas, after a brief trip to Oz...Dorothy!

We also visited Pappo and loaded up on treats.

After church, it was time for the Trunk or Treat. As a parent, I think this is one of the BEST ways to trick or treat. Everyone is in one safe area and you know the people giving out the treats.

Dorothy and Snow White

Dorothy and Two Ferocious Lions. Roar!

Girl power with Snow White, Supergirl and Dorothy.

Soon Dorothy's plastic pumpkin was filled to the brim, Toto was tired and Dorothy was wired, so it was time to head home. My Halloween SPT would not be complete without a picture of Dorothy and her Mama (Auntie Em?) together. There's no place like home!

Hope your Halloween was festive and fun!
*What is one of your favorite Halloween traditions?*
*What do you do with ALL the candy?*
*Do you like Trunk or Treats too?*
*Do your decorations seem a bit tired and sad the morning after?* Sigh.


  1. OH my there are some awful bunch of cuties in your blog today. I think A looks just like Dorothy! I can't get used to Snow White's black hair but she was a beauty. And the ferocious lions.....oh my. You could have all been the OZ team if you had coordinated a little. Glad you had fun.

  2. She's a darling Dorothy! What a fun evening.

  3. Your pictures look cute. The pumpkin party looked fun. I may have to think about doing that next year.

    We had a great time. This was the first year my boys have ever done Trick or Treating from house to house. They don't do a trunk or treat. But I guess that is okay since everyone in the hood all go to my church anyway. But I did miss it.

    This year a lady in our ward was collecting candy to send to the Iraqie children. So today the boys chose what they really wanted and then donated the rest.

  4. This might be the first time I've read your daughter's name in a post - Annelise is a beautiful name. And she looks adorable as Dorothy! We had a great Halloween and went trick or treating in our cul-de-sac (about 15 homes). It was perfect and there's not too much candy around here to tempt me late into the night! I'm with you - I'd rather avoid and ignore all the scary Halloween decorations. It was hard to avoid them this year since they were at every single store (Home Depot, grocery store, Walmart, Target). I was tired of it and I'm glad to see all the Christmas things take over the shelves.

  5. she is so adorable! i love that costume and am filing it away in memory in the event that at some point i end up with a girl. (or if kellen ever wants to dress up like a girl!). :)
    what a fun halloween! :)

  6. I love the pics. I had a blast at the party. You are an awesome hostess! :) And aren't our kids the cutest ever!

  7. Your little Dorothy was too cute!
    Just adorable!

    I love passing out candy that is my fvorite holiday tradition!

    We didn't have any candy left;(

    Never did Trunk or Treats but I think it's a great idea!

    My decorations don't seem sad or tired becuse I do a harvest theme with a scarecrow and pumpkins!

  8. Ohhh-I'm glad you had a fun at the Annual Shaw Pumpkin Carving! We thought about yall as we carved Mr. Jack!

    A. made a great Dorthy! Oh- and you a wonderful Goldilocks! Mother like daughter!

  9. Okay, is it just me or is that goldilocks costume a bit creepy? They make them so much better now. Except... they are probably made cheaper and more flimsy. GO figure. CUTE CUTE kids in their costumes!

    On to thanksgiving now. And then Christmas. Can you believe it?

  10. It looks like you guys did Halloween up right with all your family and friend festivities.

    I do enjoy trunk or treats, especially when we had littler kids. It's so much easier for them to get around.

    I am sick of our Halloween decorations being up. We put them up super early in the month so it seems like they've been around forever.

  11. What a cute little Dorothy! It looks like she had a great holiday.

    Your 1971 Halloween photo cracked me up. I had totally forgotten about those masks. I think I was Bugs Bunny with a mask like that once.

  12. I love the 1971 costume? Whatever happened to the plastic masks anyway? The Dorothy costume is way cute though. Love that.

  13. Love Love Love the pictures!! Especially the one with Auntie Em...LOL
    Our Halloween wasn't very fun. Janie got sick, and Steven was on call for the mortuary. Can you imagine the nerve of those people? They had to die on Halloween? don't they know it's a holiday? Whatever.
    Our kids peed their pants at the spook alley and Steven lost the key to our Jeep so we had two urine stained kids sitting in car seats while Daddy looked for the key in the spook alley. Dumb dumb dumb. Even tho our friends do the spook alley every year, and the kids know that it's just them, they were tired, and still scared. Big babies.
    We do trunk or treats too, and i think next year, we'll just stick to it...and forget the trick or treating...::sigh::

  14. I had my own Dorothy (and the TinMan and Lion). How fun!!
    I hid all the candy from the kids until today when my baby found it (heaven help me).......yikes.
    And I feel like I've been away forever....a recipe blog?? How exciting. Love it! The recipes look great.

  15. Halloween is my favorite. Cute post. I like the picture from your childhood. It looks like you guys had a fun Halloween. I love the costumes. I love trunk or treats too. They are easy and you know everyone. I keep the candy for a few days and then into the garbage it goes.

  16. Hi there, cute Texas running friend! Thanks for your notes on my comments while I've been out of it. It made my day to finally check my blog and see happy messages :)

  17. I think trunk or treats are great! especially in big cities when you there are way too many people you'd rather not have your kids receive candy from. Your little A. is soooo cute in her dorothy outfit. So glad Halloween was fun!


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