The Final 50

They're here, they're here! I had not forgotten, just took a tidbit break. Just in case you would like to review the first 150, they are now conveniently located on my sidebar. So sit back, relax and enjoy the last installment of fascinating facts about moi.

150. My birthday is also the anniversary of the Kennedy assassination (November 22), except I was born 5 years later. Got it?

151. I do not believe Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone.

152. Two words: Grassy Knoll.

153. I've always been fascinated with the details, mysteries, stories surrounding JFK and his untimely death.

154. But I'm not a nut.

155. Really.

156. I like to hide behind wear big sunglasses.

157. However I'm not brave or cool enough to wear big round ones, a' la Jackie O.

157a. Plus I would most likely look like a bug.

158. Like Jeff Goldblum in The Fly.

159. I like fresh citrus scents, maybe with just a hint of spice.

160. I love to burn money candles.

161. In the spring and summer I like to wear light, floral perfumes. I rotate through several.

162. In the winter I like to wear Clinique Aromatics Elixer.

163. I have a weakness for liquid hand soaps, like from Bath & Body Works.

164. I feel safer with a well stocked cabinet of paper towels and toilet paper.

165. Not sure what this means.

166. I don't chew gum often.

167. I do like Altoids.

168. Except they make me sneeze.

169. I love to people-watch. It's a guilty pleasure.

170. I imagine what their lives/jobs/families are like. Occasionally I might have a "grass is greener" moment, but usually I am reminded of just how lucky I am.

171. I have a love-hate relationship with the phone.

172. I like having a cell phone in case I need it, but I don't walk or drive around with it glued to my ear.

173. I don't have that much to say.

174. Seriously, Bluetooth? Have those people ever caught a glimpse of themselves?

175. Don't even get me started on telemarketers.

176. Naturally, the bulk of our phone calls are from "Unknown Caller".

177. Annelise thinks this is an actual person.

178. Silence doesn't bother me.

179. If I have my choice, I don't usually try clothes on before I buy them.

180. This does lead to returns from time to time.

181. But it keeps me out of the dressing room.

182. Even though I am the epitome of suburbia, I often fantasize about living in a big city, like New York or Chicago. Just to see if I could.

183. I am a terrible procrastinator.

184. What I thought was just a phase in high school and college has lasted well into adulthood.

185. I would much rather be cold than hot and sweaty.

186. Unless of course, I am pool side in some fabulous tropical locale.

187. Yes, I live in Texas where 90% of the year we have hot and humid weather.

188. I don't think I have major fears or phobias.

189. Except for extreme heights, without a rail and maybe snakes.

190. So, no bungee jumping or sky diving in my future.

191. Or snake charming.

192. I'd love to travel around Europe someday.

193. I'd also like to visit all 50 states, at least once.

194. I am math challenged.

195. I appreciate chivalrous gestures like opening/holding doors and ladies first.

196. They are NOT overrated.

197. Sometimes I wish I lived in Victorian times where parts of the day were specifically dedicated to correspondence, reading and needlework.

198. In my fantasy I am the lady of the manor and not the servant girl, of course.

199. I need attention and approval. (Don't you?)

200. Blogging fills this need.

That's it. The essence of me distilled down into 200 tidbits. Thanks for helping me celebrate my 200th post! I'll have details about a little giveaway coming soon...


  1. Yes to 199 and Amen to 200. I loved reading through your lists and got a kick out of learning all these things about you.

  2. I loved your lists! Fun facts. I'm math challenged too and I love it when men hold the door open.

  3. I, too, cannot stand the bluetooth phones. Have those people no mirrors? They look RIDICULOUS. One of these days I will tell someone who's wearing one that. I may get punched in the nose.

    And I'm so with you on fantasizing about living in NYC or some other big city. It would be so fun.

  4. You are the best writer! Your facts are so funny.

  5. Great post. I loved reading and learning more about you. I love to people watch as well.

  6. That is a great list. I HATE telemarketers too. When my kids ask why I am not answering the phone I tell them "It's just someone who wants our money and I don't want to give it to them."

  7. i love your list - felt like i was reading my own at times!!

    i might be inspired to go add a hundred or so more items to my own...

  8. This was entertaining as usual. I'm cracking up about Altoids making your sneeze!

  9. you're awesome! if i never tried things on before i came home, i'd never wear clothing! : )
    i love your lists!

  10. I'd rather be hot than cold. And naturally I live in Pennsylvania. We should switch.

    I love that you did 200 of these! I enjoyed reading every one. Just don't expect me to remember any of it. ;-)

  11. I agree...I would love to go back in time. Only upper-class though.

  12. That was fun! I am one of those blue-toothers and sometimes I realize how stupid it looks and hold the phone up to my ear just to make sure people know I am on the phone, not just talking to myself.

  13. Whoops, sorry Rhonda about the Bluetooth--I didn't realize I knew any users personally!

  14. 200 - yahoo! These were so fun to read. Altoids make me sneeze, too.

    The first time I saw someone with a Bluetooth headset in their ear, it was a friend and we were out to dinner to celebrate another friend's birthday. She put her hair behind her ear, and there was this scary looking device stuck to her head. My thought was "you're a mom, not an air traffic controller! get that thing out of your ear!" And I always find it amusing when I'm at the mall or something and somebody just looks like they are completely talking to themselves. But, I always hope when people see me in my car actually talking to myself, that they assume I have a bluetooth in. ha!

  15. I think we might be the same person.
    I even criticized my husband and his blue blinking ear so much he finally gave up on it.


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