It's Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas

Little elves have been scurrying around in a holiday decorating frenzy these past few days. Scott is the official box carrier, light hanger and light fiddler elf. (Woe to the bulbs that dare burn out on his watch! ) I am the overseer elf and Annelise is the littlest elf that tries to "help" with everything.

To keep me company in the kitchen is a little tree decorated with gingerbread men , cookie cutters and ribbons. It makes me happy to plug this little tree in every morning.

Annelise has loved visiting the little Advent stockings each day.
Right after Thanksgiving, I get my winter dishes out and use them through January. As a dish girl, this makes me quite happy.
These wooden Father Christmases are from Russia. I look forward to setting them out each year.
I ask you, what home is complete without a Flamingo themed tree? I hope you won't judge me too harshly or evict me to an Airstream trailer, but I LOVE my flamingo tree. This way I can celebrate my love for pink, for flamingos and all things just this side of gaudy.

I hope this doesn't put you over the edge, but Flo my flamingo has the holiday spirit as well!
I also look forward to hanging my Christmas tree quilt every year. This was one of the last sewing projects I completed before mommy hood.

Have you watched Rudolph yet this holiday season? It's one of Scott's favorite holiday movies and he and Annelise quote lines and act out parts of the action. Oh yes. This year he let Annelise play with his old set of Rudolph figurines, only because he bought a bigger and better set. He decorates his cubicle with Rudolph and friends. Oh yes.

Tonight we decorated our big Christmas tree. For the last couple of years we have had real trees, Frasier Fir is our favorite. I just have to breathe deeply and ignore the dropping needles.

It certainly feels good to get most of our decorations up. I don't like to think of it as a chore, it should be something to enjoy, but it is a lot of work isn't it?

Have elves been busy at your house? Is your tree real or artificial? Do you like white lights or multi-colored?


  1. What fun decorations - I love your collection of Rudolph - Where did you get them? Really cute! Our tree is fake, sadly, but thanks to our expensive living in California, we decided to go fake - but like to get a small real tree every year - it's so easy! I'm a fan of white or same colored strands, where my husband is a fan of multi-colored. Again, fun decorations - your house looks festive and comfy!

  2. your house looks amazing!
    I love the father christmas' and the redbird plate!
    And you are so talented...that quilt is beautiful!
    I love the decorations when they are up, but it is a lot of work and I guess I do think of it as a chore, but it makes the kids very happy, so it is worth it.
    We have a pretty tree in the living room with all my ornaments just so, that has white lights and a real frasier fir (love em!) in the family room with all of the kids ornaments hung in huge clumps. It has colored lights and they love it!

    thanks for the tour!

  3. Love all the trees. My sister puts up a tree in every room of the house. Even the guest bedroom, which we love when we come to visit.

    I would love to do so too but, I have a 16 month old who takes off ornaments and lights. We did a fakey with shatter proof ornaments this year. Maybe I will buy a real wreath just for fragrance.

    I love all white lights, my husband loves colored ones. I put colored lights on the ficus tree just for him.

  4. Beautiful! I love your kitchen tree. Did you buy it that way or do it yourself?

    White lights on the tree and ours is artificial. My husband keeps saying he'd like to get a real one, but I have a hard time justifying the cost. I think, though, I like the idea of getting a small real one in addition to our regular one.

    Love your photos!

  5. Love all your trees! Can't wait to come over and smell the fresh cut tree. We can't have real trees...to many allergy sufferers(is that a word) in our home. HA!

    Love ya!

  6. I'm not sure which is better: his Rudolph-bedecked cubicle, or your (totally non-trailer trash) flamingo tree!

    I am so in love with your kitchen tree! That's the cutest idea EVER.

  7. Holly, I LOVE LOVE LOVE that quilt! I'm a teeny tiny bit jealous..I always wanted to know how to make a quilt but have been too lazy to learn!

  8. Your house is so cute. It's fun to see little bits and pieces of it. LOVE the Russian Father Christmases.

  9. I think that might be the first Flamingo tree that I've ever seen! It makes me laugh and I love it! I love all the pictures.

  10. I have a kitchen tree too and I'm in love with it this year! Maybe flamingos in 08! Cute cute stuff!

  11. I am all about the real tree and white lights. Although this year we will be out of town and we have yet to get one. We have four small fake ones that just may have to do the trick this year.

  12. Everything looks so pretty! Tell Scott that I am also a big fan of the Rudolph program. I have been eyeing some of the character toys at CVS pharmacy. Every year I think I will get them, but just can't seem to justify it. This year I'm telling Santa I want them! Oh, and has he seen the lighted Rudolph village you can buy? Or does he already have that?

  13. I think I need some of those Rudolph figurines. And I laughed that you have to breathe deep and ignore the dropping needles. Those drove me crazy when we had a real tree too.

  14. so cute!!! your flamingos crack me up. i love all your decorations!
    i'm a white light girl most of the time- and real trees. this year, with the massive pup, we probably won't do a tree or any decorations below 5 feet off the ground. :)

  15. You've got all sorts of fun stuff going on at your house. Multiple trees, festive dishes, advents and so on, it's wonderful.

  16. i love you Christmas card holder, and the Santas, the trees, and the quilt...okay, everything! You are so crafty! You should go into business decorating--you are just that good! anyway, love all your Christmas pics!

  17. Oh I love how you decorated! vEry original and beautiful.


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