Oh Yes, I Did

My two tired tootsies documenting their achievement this morning.

I also enlisted Annelise's help.
Actually, my Garmin documented 18.96. To-MAY-to, To-MAH-to. No wonder my feet were complaining! See, I had only told them to gear up for 15, maybe 16 miles. They may never listen to me again.
We were given the option to run 15 or 18.6 miles today. Once I was going, and talked to several fellow Fitters who were shooting for the whole thing, I started to think...maybe I'll try it.
I was feeling great on the first loop, even up to mile 15. I decided to go for it. What's 3 more miles?(4 as it turned out)
Apparently a lot.
At like, 15.5 my body started to complain. My mental game was also being called into question.
I finished alternating between semi-run/walk intervals, a shuffle and a good old walk.
I probably should have stuck to my original plan, since I missed my long run last week and have been, shall I say hit or miss this week with my training runs. These last weeks of training are going to be challenging, as we continue to build up the mileage. I challenge myself to get back on track with my weekday runs, no more wimpin' out and finish these next 6 weeks of training strong.
January 13, 2008 --The Big Day


  1. you go, girl! 18 is huge. you are going to rock this marathon!

  2. 18 is awesome! Thats the highest I got before my marathon. What mileage do you get up to in your training program? I'm so excited for you to run your marathon!!

  3. Wow, congratulations!! 18 miles is amazing! I love it that Annelise had to help you hold up enough fingers to document your mileage.

  4. Fabulous!

    You are such an inspiration!

  5. I saw you, I saw you. You had your ipod in and didn't hear me. You looked good, pace was aswesome and you were smiling! HA! Great Job Holly! I ran 8...my ankle was killing me!

  6. you rock! once you hit 18, you're set. :) oh how i miss those long runs. congratulations!!!! :)

  7. Great job! Your determination is inspiring.

  8. You bet you did!!! Awesome job Holly! You have always inspired me. Love you girl!

  9. You are seriously my HERO. You rock! Are you in a running club? And what's on Jan 13th??? Do tell...

  10. Yeah! Good for you Holly! I so wish I could stand outside in my shorts! Good luck with you major running goal - you'll make it!

  11. Thanks everyone for your encouragement!

    Crystal: I run with a group called Bay Area Fit, they are part of the bigger organization USA Fit. I have a link on my sidebar. Running with a group is FANTASTIC. We meet for our long runs on Saturdays. There are groups all around the country and they have running and walking programs for marathon/half marathon training for ALL fitness levels.

    HeeHee! My Big Day is January 13, 2008--the Chevron Houston Marathon!!!

  12. Anne: We have a 21 Miler scheduled for Dec.22, that will be our longest run before the marathon.

  13. Congrats! I ran four miles this morning and that was enough for me! Way to go.


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