The Interview Might Sound Something Like This...

Hello, My name is Annelise and I am here to apply for the job.

Where should I put my backpack?

Yes, I feel I have the necessary skills to be an investigator. I am relentless with my questioning and will ask repeatedly until the perp spills the beans or bangs his head into the wall. Whichever comes first, I'm your girl.

I am 4.

When is snack time?

Yes, I have references.

Just ask my mom.


  1. I feel your pain!! LOL Too funny!

  2. And I bet she doesn't take "I don't know" for an answer, either!

  3. Funny. So typical. I have two like that, so I completely sympathize!

  4. I just don't listen and continue blogging.

  5. HAHA, "just ask my mom." heehee...soooo painfully true.

  6. so cute. interrogator would be a good job for her. :)


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