Spreading Some Holiday Joy

No, your eyes aren't deceiving you. Yes, that IS a snowman playing a ukulele while sitting on a flamingo.
So I was thinking...
Would anyone like to receive a holiday card from little 'ol moi?


This idea has been whirling around in my head and I finally decided just to ask y'all. I know several of you that comment are either friends in real life or you are Bloggy Friends that are on Jill's Good Mail List. That still leaves other Bloggy Friends that, if you'd like, I'd enjoy sending you a holiday card. I say holiday, because I plan to stamp some cards and I can't promise they'll arrive by Christmas Day...but they WILL arrive. Promise.

You don't even need to feel obligated to send one in return, unless you want to. Sending and receiving good mail is just a lot of fun, I think.

So, if you are not already on Jill's Good Mail list, and would like to do this, just zip me an email (on my sidebar) with your address.

What do you think?


  1. I love holiday cards, and I'm on the good mail list.

    Did I tell you I changed my blog address?? I can't remember...

  2. I would love a Christmas card and I would like to send you one too. Mine will also probably be a holiday card;)

  3. I think sending cards to blog friends is a superb idea! I can't send email straight from a web link b/c i'm an idiot & don't use my web pop-up mail. So here's my email: maxmom2233@gmail.com

    Send ME your email & I'll give you my address. Will you also send your address? I'd like to jump on the good mail wagon.

  4. this christmas i was supposed to down size on cards...that is why I order only 75 because of postage, well after 75 plus another 75 i order another 75 and its christmas what can i say...I have a gym now to write, the blogging world, a new church...wow...great idea.

  5. We don't have our cards made yet and I'm officially bugged, and our list has increased substantially because of blogging friends...it's great.

  6. Where did you find these cute flamingo ornaments?! You have such an eye for great art--hee, hee! :) BTW, I always love getting Christmas cards from you and your sweet family. Can't wait to see sweet A.'s pic this year.

  7. love the ornament! ok, you gotta share where you got it! HA HA!

    i do need a card, you know!

    Love ya!

  8. I love the ornament...it is perfect for you!

    I had never heard the term good mail before, but what a great idea! I'd love to recieve a card, but my cards are done and mailed and I have no extras, so I would feel terrible not having one to mail back to you. My OCD would definitely not allow that! I will have to whip you up a hand made card with good wishes for the New Year!

  9. I'd love to exchange cards, Holly! I thought I kept your address around but I can't find it. I'll email you mine, please send yours to me, too. :)


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