SPT: Christmas Cards

One of the many things I enjoy each holiday season is the daily anticipation of checking the mailbox. (Of course, I always like to visit the mailbox in the hope of Good Mail.) To me, Christmas cards are like mini presents to open while waiting for Christmas Day. I love to catch up with friends and family and I especially like to see pictures.

Several years ago, I made this card holder. It's made from an embroidery hoop, small clothespins and ribbon. I found this idea in an issue of THIS and felt like it was something I could actually, you know, do.

A girl and her glue gun... it's a dangerous combination.

Right now it looks a bit sad, since it's empty. Sniff.

However , I have hope that it will fill up soon to make a colorful wreath of holiday wishes!

Thanks Lelly for a fun SPT challenge this week. Take a peek over at her blog for other ways people display their holiday cards.

How do you display your holiday cards? Do you send out cards? If so, are you an early bird mailer or a Happy New Year well wisher? (I am NOT an early mailer, somewhere in between--just before the shadow of Christmas Day. Hopefully.)


  1. That is a great card holder. We just had a basket growing up, but it was always so hard to see all of the fun pictures.

  2. i hope you will post a picture of it full with cards!! it looks like it will be adorable (and, no concrete!)

  3. I'd like to do something cute like that. For some reason, the stack of cards on top of my microwave doesn't look very festive. I laughed when I scrolled down and saw your smiling face!

  4. I'm definitely not an early birder! I'm usually much closer to Christmas. One year I did an Easter family update instead!

  5. that is a darling idea!! I love it!

    I've never sent out holiday cards. I should. But I don't. I've never felt organized enough to do it. Maybe next year, eh?


  6. What a great idea for displaying cards. I love it. I have just been taking a blank wall in my house and taping them up but your idea looks a lot better. I love to send out cards. This year I got them done especially early they are already in the mail! Yeah! I hope to start getting some soon because they are like mini presents. I love Christmas cards with letters and pictures.

  7. i like your card holder! i've been taping them to the pantry door lately. :)
    i'm really hoping to get cards out by Christmas, but i'd like to send a family pic that we still haven't done yet!!!

  8. Holly that is so cute! I only tape mine on the back of our front door. I should make myself some cute holder because I love to get Christmas cards!

  9. I made the same wreath card holder, my only problem is that for some reason it didn't hold together very well! So it's no more. Do you have a secret to yours, besides the glue gun. I think the cards were too heavy!
    I love receiving Christmas cards too! Now I hang them in my entry way in between the 4 small windows we have in there!

  10. Cute idea.

    I'm such a late card sender, you'll get mine before the New Year (I hope!).

  11. Traci: Yes, I have had to re-glue the clothespins from time to time, but that's not too bad I guess.

  12. I made a ribbon thing with clothespins. Maybe I'll blog that. I sent my cards out last week. I LOVE LOVE LOVE getting them in the mail. I was so pathetic on Saturday. I went out the mailbox 3 times to check. Oh so sad.


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