SPT: It's Ornamental

One of my favorite times during the holiday season is opening up the boxes of ornaments that have been tucked away for the last 11 months. Sorting through them and admiring each one is so special because there is a memory attached to every single one.

Our main tree is a mix of all the ornaments we have collected over the years. Each year, Scott and I try to exchange ornaments (sometimes we forget in the hustle bustle) and we also like to get one for Annelise.

I remember making ornaments with my mom and then decorating the tree with them. Note to self: must ask Daddy where they are now, hopefully in his attic. I want to continue this tradition with Annelise, but I haven't attempted crafting ornaments with her yet. Another note to self: go to JoAnn's and get some supplies and Just Do It.

Here are some of my favorites from our tree this year:

This darling stack of coffee cups was an early Pink Christmas gift from my secret girlfriend. Such a nice surprise!! Thank you!

This heart was sent to us from Scott's Aunt Jerry and Uncle Dan the year we adopted Annelise. Their neighbors make beautiful pottery and when we visited Maine this summer we got to see their studio.

Over the last several years I have collected pieces by Jim Shore, the Heartwood Creek series. I love his quilt themed Santas and snowmen. Each year we try to add to our stash. Here is a Santa bell ornament.

It's true, I love all things Charlie Brown. This little ornament plays, fittingly, "O Christmas Tree". If you toured our tree, you'd find several Snoopys too. I am a child of the Seventies after all.

Finally, on my Flamingo Tree I have several lovelies. Each year I hunt for a new flamingo ornament to join the flock. Did you know that in his off time Santa likes to dance with flamingos? I have proof, see?

EDITED to add: I realized I forgot a very important element of SPT, um, the self part. Yep, I am a dork. So, here I am with two ornaments we picked up from our trip to Maine in September(I even forgot to put them on the tree until tonight). One is an oyster shell with a lighthouse painted on it and the other is a little silver spoon, all bendy, with a santa painted on it.

If you get a chance, visit Lelly's blog to peruse other ornamental musings.

Do you have any ornament traditions? What are some of your favorite ornaments? Have you made ornaments with your children? Am I big ol' chicken for NOT doing it yet?


  1. I love this post! I'm an ornament junkee myself. I buy a "Collectors" orament for each of my kids each year. The collection is growing rather impressive!

  2. i'm amazed that you are able to find a new flamingo ornament every year!! i'll be on the lookout now.

  3. Holly....so excited to see the ornament I sent on your blog :) All of the others are precious too! (I love Jim Shore as well) Gracie and I like to make ornaments but they are very simple: those wooden or paper mache ones from Michaels, paint them and then decoupage photos printed on cardstock on them. Usually a couple from the particular year. 99 cent ornament, 99 cent paint...can't go wrong! Go for it, girl!
    btw....doing a great job with your new camera!

  4. I love Charlie Brown too.. but I'm not a 70's kid;)

    What I can see of your tree looks beautiful.

    Do go and make the ornaments with your daughter and tell us all about it:)

  5. I love ornaments. I can't seem to stop finding new ones! I love the quilted Santa. Too cute.

  6. I so love the coffee cups! And also the Charlie Brown one. Good post!

  7. Holly~ it was such a thrill to see you and your flamingo pop up in a comment on my blog!
    What a great blog you have & I love the ornaments, especially that quilted santa, that's just plain gorgeous. pj

  8. I love ornaments, too! Your flamingo/Santa is hilarious. Pretty, pretty.

  9. I love ornaments. I have all the ones from when I was a kid. so every year I get my kids a new one to send on w/ them when they get married.

    This year is the first time I made dough ornaments w/ the kids. Not as bad experience as I expected. I halved the recipe and it was a good dough, easy to work with. You can read about it here .

  10. Those little teacups are so cute! My kids make ornaments every year. We have one tree that is for random homemade stuff and the other one mom gets to put matching stuff on. Everyone is happy.

  11. Love that you have a Flamingo Tree! Great post ;) And thanks for commenting on my blog, as well!
    Merry Christmas!

  12. I love all your ornaments. Very cute post. I love Jim Shore as well. We try to give everyone in the family and ornament that has something to do with something they did that year. Hope that made sense? It is one of my favorite traditions. I just feel like your whole tree tells a story.

  13. Look how blasted cute YOU ARE!! Love the ornaments...love the picture of you the most...;)

    You are such a cute Mommy/Wife.


  14. Love the cute pink santa, but I don't know what santa is doing to that flamingo, maybe it's just me. I had a pink tree with my roomate one time and loved it.

  15. I love love love ornaments! It's such a fun way to display your life's story every year!

  16. I love all your ornaments. Especially the first tea set one. It's adorable.

    I have NOT done ornaments with my kids yet either. I feel like I'll hate the ornament and that's why I don't. Horrible, huh?


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