We Survived the Gingerbread Construction of 2007

In a sentimental moment, possibly brought on by Hallmark card commercials, I bought one of those gingerbread house kits at JoAnn's. I imagined a mother daughter afternoon of delightful crafting, holiday music, maybe even some cocoa. Together we would create a masterpiece of gingerbread and sugar.

Somewhere between JoAnn's and home, I got over my holiday dream. The kit sat in its bag, on our table for over a week. Soon, A. even quit asking about it. Could I shirk it off until next year?

The guilt was resting heavily on my shoulders when I decided there was no more putting it off. We were down to the Christmas wire. Time to open up that box. Instructions? Who needs em? It's just frosting, some crackers and candy, right? We whipped that icing up, scooped it into the bag, and the frosting joy began.

Enter Scott. Who begins to read the instructions. He mentions something about the frosting tip.

Huh? Frosting tip? Oh, you mean this? I was supposed to put it in the bag first? Hmmm... Oh well, we gotta make do...let's frost this puppy.

Needless to say my hopes of creating a detailed Swiss Chalet or Evergreen Cottage were dashed. The icing went where it wanted in lines and globs. Scott tried to make lattice across the roof. Nice touch. As it slid down the roof and onto the counter, I just laughed with delirious glee and A. and I kept sticking on candy. Here is our finished creation with the Lead Designer:

Truth be told, messy drippy icing and all, it turned out to be pretty fun. A. certainly enjoyed making it, so that's most important. This smile is definitely sugar inspired.

MERRY CHRISTMAS from our house to yours!!


  1. She looks like she had fun doing it and that's what matters!

    Merry Christmas Holly. Have a wonderful holiday!

  2. very cute! we will be trying to make our house tonight. I don't think it will be near as cute as yours. Hope you have a Merry Christmas.

    Love ya

  3. Holly,
    Your g-house is MUCH better than ours....we got the Snoopy doghouse and it has the "gangsta lean" on it....kinda rough! I can relate and I think it is fun too, albeit quite messy! :)
    Merry Christmas, Pink Christmas girlfriend! :)

  4. too funny- you, me and our kids would be a great design team with similar ideas. this sounds VERBATIM like the things that happen at our house around christmas. only your house turned out INCREDIBLY well! :)
    Merry Christmas!!

  5. THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!! I love it! I just love it.. I was holding back tears.. I was so surprised and grateful for your generousity.. seriously.. I am just amazed at that scrapbook.. I love to scrapbook but haven't for a couple of years.. yours was the last present I opened this am, and I was like.. oh no.. take more pictures!!! we have this awesome scrapbook to fill up! I love all the little treats, candies, lipgloss..little slippers, cards, ribbons.. love that red w/ white polka dot ribbon.. I actually wrapped it back around the book.. I can't wait to show my sisters.. they are going to love it! thank you so much! I will get you an invite to my blog... I have had it private.. just cause I heard some random guy was reading it and well, to keep my husband happy I made it private.. not that I have anything to hid.. but anyway.. thank you soooooooo much.. what a treat! I just keep looking at it! thank you thank you and Merry Christmas!!!

  6. merry Christmas, from one gingerbread-phobe to another. (you know, i think there's a support group for us...)

  7. I, too, succumbed to gingerbread houses this year for the first time. My kit had pre-mixed frosting, but it was SO thick that it was just a bloppy mess. The girls had a great time, but I'm not sure it's an activity I can sanely repeat.

    A's sugary smile is pretty darn cute, though.

  8. Forgot to say Merry Christmas!

  9. Your gingerbread house looks great! Even despised the confusion in the directions! Merry Christmas and hope you are having a wonderful time !

  10. wow GORGEOUS! And the house isn't bad either! She really is such a beauty!

    You did a much better job than I could have done! Way to go Mom!!

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  12. You are a better mom than I! I would've needed to take some medication for that to be able to happen in my house! I'm a bit obsessive about my floors!
    And, I got your card! And it made me so happy! Because it wasn't a bill, or junk, or an ad! Woo-hoo! I'm loving the good mail! Thanks:)


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