Do You Hear What I Hear?

First, a disclaimer of sorts: To my knowledge, I am not crazy. A bit high-strung at times, sure...but loco...not moi.

That said, my books talk to me.

Every time I walk by my nightstand or our bookshelves upstairs they whisper to me, "Read me. Pick me. Hurry, you aren't getting any younger." Variations of that sort. Then there are books at the library, bookstores, Amazon, suggestions on Goodreads...ARGH!! I look at my shelves and feel a longing to grab several and run.

Far, far away. By myself.

Since that's not going to happen, I work my way through each book, one page at a time. Always knowing another awaits and also knowing there are many I'll never get the time to read. Sigh. It's almost a pressure mixed with guilt. I go through phases of reading popular novels or certain genres and I feel I'm neglecting other types of books. Great literature? Classics? I've probably only scratched at the surface. How will I fit them all in??? What's a bibliophile wanna-be to do?

Must breathe. And read.

Do you ever feel like this? Any must reads to share and therefore add to my BWB (Bibliophile Wanna-Be) stress?


  1. Occasionally...but usually it's food that calls to me. Ice-cream and donuts, specifically.

  2. Holly....Take comfort in knowing you are NOT ALONE. I have the same "issues" with my books! My mother does, too. I majored in English simply because I loved to read!
    I keep buying. Or inheriting. collecting. It never ends and I don't think I ever want it to!!!

  3. I love to read. Love. It. My sisters and I are going to read a classic together this year.

    I loved Water For Elephants. Such a great read. And I love me some southern fiction!

  4. Ha Ha Chloe! Sweets don't waste their time calling me, they tackle me--and I give in...

  5. Kindred spirits all the way. Books are like my own kind of drug. I'd rather read a book than do just about anything. I wanted to be a librarian when I was younger and I have an English degree because I love to read. Thanks for being on Goodreads with me, I get great book ideas from you!

  6. I LOVE to read too and yes, there is never enough time. Sleep is a burden at night.

    As far as classics, I love them. My fav is The Count of Monte Cristo. If you haven't read it, DO IT SOON. You will love it. There are many others I could recommend but I'll leave it at that one for now.

    I have a goal to read all of Charles Dickens works as The Tale of Two Cities was another one of my favorites.

  7. I love having bookshelves throughout my house, they're so comforting and homey. Sometimes I feel a little panicked about not being able to read them all in my lifetime, but mostly I just love having the option of getting to them at some point.

  8. Oh, Holly. You are so incredibly adorable. I love your outlook on everything. And I especially love that your books talk to you! We need an online blogger book club!

    Well I just request that you keep posting about what you are reading to us. I get such great ideas from everyone that way.

    Love ya cutie!

  9. You described me, too! I don't just love reading books, I have to own them, hold them, stash them on shelves and in corners. And I don't have nearly the time I need to read everything I own. Yet.

  10. I hate to look at a book and feel guilty, but I have so many that make me feel that way. If only I could scrap/knit/watch movies/sleep and read at the same time, life would be perfect!

  11. I am a book addict too. Right now it's World Without End by Ken Follett. Medieval life never looked so good!

  12. i suffer the same problem. i indulge it over semester break sometimes...right now i'm painfully working through "man's search for meaning." it's so sad.

    bookstores are my downfall- i could spend DAYS there- and the chairs at barnes and noble call to me...just not the one next to the train and the toddler calling out "hey mommy! hey mommy! look dis!" :)

  13. I have the same disorder! It worries me to think of all the books I'll miss out on because I don't have enough time to read. I have a goal to read more this year.

    I love the way your books are arranged on your shelves. They look so inviting!


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