Embarrassing Moment #...Umpteen Something

So A. and I were wandering through mecca Target today and we made our way over to the clothes. I waited for a lady to move out of the way and we wheeled through and started browsing. Well. We noticed...um...an odor.

I questioned the usual suspects. Me? Nope. I asked A. and she said, "No, Mama."

As fate would have it two other ladies came RIGHT UP to where we were. Gulp.

I resisted the very mature urge to scream, "No...it wasn't us...there was another lady just here...we don't even do that! Ever."

I didn't. I just held my head high and wheeled away.


  1. What a classic moment! I think we've all been there.

  2. so impressive. i don't know if i could have restrained the urge to blurt out "it wasn't me!"

  3. My son would have said right out loud to them, "Who farted?" I guess girls are different than boys!

  4. Oh dear, that's a sad state of affairs, but oh so funny from where I sit.

  5. Totally horrible. The same thing happened to me the other day in the skinny hall of the theaters. I was in front. Whoever farted had gone out those double doors and left me standing... waiting for my party to come out with me. I wanted to SCREAM it wasn't me.

    But I've also been at the opposite end of the spectrum where it WAS me and I was all by myself and suddenly, someone walks up. Like... at the grocery store and I always want to crawl in a hole and DIE.

  6. This happened to me on a DATE. (one of the many embarrassing dating moments i've had--ugh.)

  7. oh my goodness! That's sooo funny. I wonder if it was someone before her too...and she's prolly thinking oh crap! That was embarrassing moment number 109...either that or she's thinking...well, at least I feel better. Grosss tho...I love that you held your head high and wheeled away...that had me laughing til I hurt!

  8. Oh, that is the WORST! I had that happen to me once on an elevator and the offender got off a floor before everyone else got on. Totally looked like it was me.


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