Five for Friday

I have always enjoyed Kelly's Five for Friday posts. They seem to be an ideal way to assemble a hodgepodge of happenings. So, since imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, I'm totally copying.

1. I recently crawled out from under this...

and discovered this...

I had heard about Nutella, but never tried it. Yesterday, I toasted a slice of cinnamon raisin bread and smeared a dab across the top. Nutella, where have you been all my life? I'm in serious trouble.

2. I hope I hide it well, but lately I haven't felt very smart. I'm not sure how to describe it other than Mom Brain. I feel like I have variations of the same conversations over and over. Dullsville. I have been inspired by April's word of the week. She enlightens us each week with a new word to stretch our vocabulary a bit. I. Love. This. I just pop over there and BAM! I instantly feel smarter. This week the word was charily. Perfect word post marathon. I walked charily around the house for several days, trying not to wince. Thanks April for helping my Mom Brain.

3. Another way I try to fight Mom Brain is by escaping into a good book and allowing the language to wash over me, all the while hoping I absorb some of it. For several days I've been at a loss trying to decide my next book. While the Earth is still rotating on its axis, this has caused me to be very out of sorts. You know how I feel about my books. I started two, only to quickly dismiss them (Time and Again by Jack Finney and Saturday by Ian McEwen. Sorry guys.). I don't really think of myself as a tough customer, but the book has to grab me fairly quickly or at least show promise in order for me to stick with it. Now I've settled on The Winthrop Woman, however, I am still in that precarious early stage. I'm sure Ms. Seton is trembling with anticipation in her grave.

4. Annelise has a couple of favorite new phrases. "Mom, you've been in your pajamas for HOURS!" or "Mom, are you going to wear your pajamas ALL DAY?" or "Mom, you wore that yesterday." Yes, they are true statements. Not sure what this says about me exactly, but I'm pretty sure I'm in a decline fashion wise. Sigh.

5. Because I know you have been wondering, I am still mulling over my word for 2008. I have tried on a few to see if they fit and I still haven't been able to choose. I imagine my word should challenge me yet remain comfortable, like favorite jeans (or in my case pajamas). I'm sure I am putting way to much pressure on this little word and over thinking the whole thing. It happens. Mom Brain is not helping either. Sigh.

How do you combat Mom Brain? How do you feel about pajamas? Have you ever tried Nutella?


  1. Mom brain! THAT's what it is! I don't know how to combat it, but I'm up for suggestions too!

    I love my PJs and wear them more often than I should.

    Maybe I need to go to the store for some Nutella...

  2. I think I had Mom Brain before I had kids. What does that say about my high level of intellect?

    I have not tried Nutella. Am afraid I would love it too much and would eat it all the live long day. I might have to try it, thanks to you.

  3. I have mom brain too. I was with some hip moms recently at a sushi bar (which is pretty Hip to me) and they wore their high heels and talked about schooling and retirement and used big words. I had a pullover and fuzzy winter shoes on. I felt so lame the entire time. And if it make you feel any better, I wear things two days in a row too. Nothing like getting the MOST out of your outfit. Am I right???

  4. i cannot bring myself to try nutella, because our exchange student in high school loved it and it seemed it was mission to *hate* everything that she *loved*... so sad, but true

  5. My Mom Brain has so completely taken over that I don't even realize I have it. I seem to be at peace with my Mom Brain. *sigh*

    I love nutella! I don't buy it, though, or I'd drink the entire bottle in one sitting.

    Have you read Anya Seaton's Katherine? What'd you think?

  6. Crystal: I LOVED Katherine!! It was the first time I read Anya Seton and English historical fiction (I tend to read pioneer types more). Wendi recommended it and I'm so glad she did! I'm also planning to read Dragonwyk, also by Seton.

  7. I'm so totally sick of Mom Brain. And I love my pajamas. LOVE. And I've never tried Nuttella. Hmmm...

  8. I am comfortable with Mom brain also. But it is really deceptive. We are smart women, but we only feel the need to pull it out every once in a while. That probably means we're secure and stable with who we are... I say the same goes for the p.j.'s too... and the outfits. I have several things I call my "uniforms" and those are the ones I wear over and over... just so long as I'm not with the same people the 2nd day I wear it!

  9. We have Nutella in our pantry. It's a staple.

    I LOVED Katherine. What is Goodreads? Same author? The book I am reading now is 1,000 pages so it will take me another 6 or 7 days to finish.

  10. Pj's...Oh, I love them! Seeing it is 3:30PM and I just got me and the kids out of them!!!

    Keep the Good Reads coming...though, It takes me a bit longer to get through a book having two kids to wrangle I still love the idea of the "next book".

  11. I'm currently living under that big rock. So, Nutella is really that good huh?

  12. I haven't picked my word yet either. I'm thinking about "gratitude". And, I thought Mom Brain was just me. I haven't figured out a way to combat it, yet! And as far as the pj's go? I take my kids to school still wearing my pjs, but I manage to get dressed before they get home. Sort of like I manage to do all the housekeeping chores on my list in the last hour before my husband comes home. Not that he cares, but then it looks like I've been busy all day!

  13. I'm glad I don't have girls to notice when I wear pajamas all day, or the same sweats from yesterday! Boys just don't seem to notice those things. See, everyday I learn different reasons why it's okay that I have 4 boys!

  14. Guilty! I wore the same outfit to work today that I wore yesterday to run errands and meet my Mom for lunch. DON'T TELL!

    What's a brain?

    Pajamas are clothes too. Just ask my kids.

  15. seriously- mom brain just happens to wax and wane- better to just roll with it, i think. :)
    nutella rocks- didn't ever try it until i lived in germany, now i don't buy it b/c i don't trust myself with it!
    i'd live in pjs if possible. i especially love my fleece pants. i force myself to get dressed, but lately...man, this weekend i may just stay in pjs all day....

  16. Nutella and peanut butter and white bread. I ate that every day during a five week trip to Europe (along with gelato)and thanks to my 22 year old metabolism and lots of walking--I lost 2 pounds! WOULD NOT HAPPEN NOW.

  17. Mom brain plagues us all from time to time and it's grim.

    Surprisingly I don't like Nutella. My kids love it, but it does nothing for me so if a tiny bit gets on my finger I don't even lick it off. I consider this a blessing.

    As for the pajamas, perhaps you should teach your sweet girl about the beauty of jammie days. They're a good thing.

  18. Hi, I don't know where I clicked here from, just wandering around blogland, but I recognize some of your commenters, so hope you don't mind if I say a little hi.

    And super congratulations on the marathon! Very cool.

    I discovered Nutella two years ago on my first trip to France. I even lifted a few tiny containers from the hotel buffet so I could take them home to my children. And then as I was waking up the subway steps the tiny containers spilled out and bounced all the way down the crowded stairs. Very embarrassing ugly American experience. But I still love Nutella! Like eating it in my pajamas too!

  19. nutella-yum! when in Singapore, my daughter loves the pancakes from the coffeshops filled w/ it!

    I stayed in my PJ's til 2 oclock the other day-I did not have the post marthon excuse for it though!

    my kids are always telling me that I am over-thinking the situation (there are so many!)

  20. Loved your 5 for Friday post! I haven't ever tried Nutella because for a long time, for some crazy reason, I got it mixed up with Vegemite.

    I'm glad you're loving April's word of the week. I have learned more since she started that than I can remember learning in a long time. April was my roommate in college, and she is wonderful!


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