How Do You Like Your Vegetables?

Steamed? Grilled? Well, those are all yummy, but we also like ours up on the big screen. Today we had a family date. First, we enjoyed our favorite Tex Mex lunch, then it was off to the movie show. Any guesses what we saw?

Sadly, A. left her shades in the car.

You guessed it! The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything.

Now that she is 4, and this was of all things, the Veggie Tales, I was hopeful that we would be able to make it through the entire movie without a cryin' jag. See, A. either gets scared or if one of the characters gets hurt or is sad, she emphasizes with them. Loudly. Strangely enough, Madagascar is the only movie we made it all the way through, and it remains an all time favorite.

Things were going well, until the incident with the rock people and a tad too much big mean pirate guy. Oh well. She did enjoy most of it, especially the Rock Monster (Did you know that was a take off on The B-52s Rock Lobster?) song at the end. She even played pirate for a while when we got home.

Personally, I like the Veggie Tales. Not only do they have a moral and often biblical message, they are adorable vegetables. I especially like the silly songs (my favorite is Larry's song "I Love My Lips"), I'm just strange that way I guess. So enjoy a bit of silliness on me...


  1. Sometimes I secretly wish the kids would still like Veggie Tales. But they have outgrown them.

    Enjoy it while you can! :)

  2. We love Veggies, too. My favorite Larry song is "Everybody needs a Water Buffalo". Its a hoot. Ashley and I love to sing it!! ha ha!

    We will have to try to go see the new movie. See you tomorrow.

  3. My favourite is the cheeseburger song. And the hairbrush one. And the lips song too. 'Cause I do quite like my lips!

  4. we may have to see this one for "old times sake". at least I've got two young nephews who I could use as an excuse to see it! :)

  5. As much as I hate to admit it, their songs are SO catchy.

  6. My kids never liked anything Veggie Tales. It scared them! What a fun family date though.

  7. I turned this on, while my husband was next to me on his computer, and without even seeing it, he was laughing out loud. WE love those guys!

  8. My playgroup recently made this movie an outing. Although I think they are fun, I had to pass only because my son totally dissed the Veggie Tale video I rented for him recently.

    I heard that most of the kids enjoyed it, but the younger ones (less than 3 years) had a hard time sitting through the entire movie.

  9. We are a Veggie Tales loving family. Larry Boy is probably my favorite. We're planning to see the movie this weekend - can't wait!


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