I Could Never Make It As A Boy Scout

I'm not prepared.

For a new year. My knuckles are white from clenching the shadow of 2007.

I'm not ready to un-deck our halls. Let me clarify, I'm ready for everything to be gone, I just don't want to do it. However, staring at our drooping tree and tired decorations I am reminded how fast the holiday season passed. Whoosh!

Pretty much an example of the entire year. Whoosh! 2007 is out and 2008 is here. Where did it go? I feel old.

Goals for the new year? Word of the year? Changes? Ideas are tumbling around my brain, I just don't seem to have them together yet. See, not prepared. If I'm not careful it will be June and I still won't have a list. That's my MO, sad but true.

Do you set goals for the new year? Do you reflect on the past year? Are your halls still decked? (I hope I have some company!)


  1. I have been un-decking the halls all day. I am beat. Christmas decorations in January make me depressed. I have to get rid of them fast.

    I have not thought long or hard about my new years resolutions yet. I need to do that.

    Right now I am reading Katherine by Anya Seton. I think you recommneded that on a blog post once. I am loving it so I stay up too late reading. Now I'm too sleepy.

  2. My halls are still decked. I may start taking things down tomorrow though. I'm always a little sad to take the tree down, but I like how my home feels uncluttered and clean after I've put away Christmas!

    I've been thinking about my resolutions, but haven't finalized anything yet. I need to though. I'm not always the best at keeping my resolutions, but at least I try!

  3. i un-decorated on Sunday, and i'm loving how my house feels *almost* like a clean slate. i actually had to stop myself from getting out some valentine's stuff!

    i don't do resolutions, although each year i jot down a list of things i'd like to accomplish. it's fun to go back on new year's eve and check things off.

    i am really going to try to focus on my word this year. i haven't done this before. but, i'm definitely *open* for new things!

  4. This year?! What about this decade? How is it that it's already 2008!? Doesn't it seem like we just had the whole Y2K thing? So weird how fast time flies!

  5. I took it down yesterday. I started at nine in my pjs and didn't get dressed all day. But by the time I hit the hay, my whole house is January fresh!

  6. I am still decked. And will be until next week, probably. There is no big tree so that helps a little...garland and lights don't bother me. :)

    I am still fumbling through the year ending...haven't even *thought* about a new one. Would like to, though.

  7. Everything is still up at my house, the clutter is beginning to get to me, but I am still enjoying the tree all lit up at night.

    You are right, the year went so fast, but it seems the older I get the faster the time goes. Except for this Winter Break, in which it feels like my children are never going back to school!

  8. I feel the same way. It seems like a blur...way too fast (well, except for the last few weeks of my pregnancy. THAT lasted a year I swear!).

    My tree is still up and it's the 2nd. Gracie cried when I started taking it down so it remains. Everything else that is deckish is put away. The tree will have to go after bedtime tonight though. It's making me nutty. :)

  9. ha ha- i FORCE myself to pretend i'm ready. the only reason i have any ideas about this new year is b/c i feel like i've been planning it forever...which means i probably didn't live the last year!

  10. My goals are also tumbling around in my brain. It did just go so fast, didn't it?

    We un-decked the halls yesterday, and while it wasn't so fun, it sure feels good to have a clean slate again.

  11. I'm not much for setting goals or reflecting. What does that say about me? Hmmmm.

    My halls are NOT decked. Thankfully. I think it would be harder and harder to tackle with every passing day. Good luck with that!


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