I Have a Bit of a Crush

On one hip, very cool music man, Dan Zanes.

Truth be told, I have been known to turn the volume up when we listen to his CDs in the car. Or when we see him on TV. Shhh...don't tell anyone.

His music is just a whole lot of fun. And I'm a grown-up and all that.

Oh...yeah, Annelise likes him too.

You can find and listen to some of his CDs HERE.

Which song is your favorite?


  1. Hi there. I happened across your blog via Missy's Valentine's Day "Love Swap"!

    Love reading your blog... not to mention you have an Annelise too. Our Annelise is almost 18 (In May)... and her name so defines her.

    We named her after her aunt in Switzerland. She pronounces it Ah-na-lee-zay.

    Anna for short.

  2. Holly~ I think you just like him for his hair! I love both those songs- he is totally hip!
    I am way to chicken to sign up for the love swap. Pink Christmas stressed me out!

  3. you can't have dan... he's mine!!

  4. I think any man that makes my girls smile makes me really happy. We like him too! That also explains that when I am mad at DH seeing him with my kids totally redeems him.

  5. I love so many, it's hard to pick one. :)


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