Joy in My Mailbox

How do you feel when you open the mailbox day after day and there are only bills, fliers, and junk mail addressed To the Homeowner At...? Yeah, it's a little bleak isn't it? Imagine this, you open your mailbox and you have letters addressed to you personally? Maybe even a little padded envelope filled with a surprise? Time for a happy dance right? You betcha!

That's the whole idea of Good Mail, something tangible to let another person know you were thinking about them. It's extremely simple, but so rewarding. It might be in the form of a note, a card, or a little do-dad that caught your eye and made you remember your friend. It's simply spreading a little kindness, generosity and joy. It truly is a bit of joy and goodness right in your mailbox.

That said, I need to document some of the goodness that has come my way recently...

A cute, cute card from Lisa saying congrats on my marathon. The sticker says goal--how appropriate and very sweet! Thanks Lisa.

A darling card from Stephanie. Look at the FLAMINGO on the stamp!! Love it. She also sent along some stamps from her stash for A. to play with. Thank you Steph.!

A sweet card from my friend Lacie letting me know she was happy for my marathon accomplishment and she was thinking of me. Thanks Lacie!

Knock me over! Mique sent me this FLAMINGO covered journal and a sweet, sweet card for my birthday and marathon. So funny, because I had just posted about my journal addiction and sneaky Mique had this on its way. I love it!! Thanks Mique!

Jill was so kind to send me this pretty card with a thoughtful note about completing my marathon. Thank you Jill!!

This package of goodies arrived from Natasha filled with a set of Mary Engelbreit cards, sticky notes and a rubber stamp. She also sent a thoughtful card congratulating me on the race. Thank you Natasha!!

My Pink Christmas Girlfriend, Amy, sent me this fun card to say "Way to Go" on finishing the marathon. It sings All Star by Smashmouth--how fun is that? Annelise has kind of taken over this card though, that's okay. Thank you Amy!

Along with this cutie pie FLAMINGO, Kristi sent a thoughtful note with her congratulations about my recent accomplishment. Thank you Kristi!!

Receiving so many kind words and expressions of thoughtfulness fills my heart with joy. Like Jill says, documenting it reminds me of the blessings in my life. I consider myself so fortunate to exchange good mail with not only Friends in Real Life, but also several Bloggy Friends.

Now, I'm in the mood to send some Good Mail. Want to give it a whirl? Send me your address through an e-mail and wait for a bit of joy to arrive in your mailbox!


  1. Wow! Look at all the people who love you. What neat mailbox finds. I really need to be better about sending good mail, 'cause I love to get it!

  2. Ditto Holly's comment! I need to be sending out more good mail...it really does put a smile on my face to mail it and to get it!

    Enjoy the Good Mail!

  3. Wow! Yes, I want some...you must feel so loved!

  4. WOW! You are loved. That is fantastic!!!

  5. Look at all your good mail love!
    I loved this idea and I'm so glad you gave me the great idea, I'm having a lot of fun with it!

  6. I loved the "good mail" I got from you and A a couple of weeks ago! thanks!! :)

    glad to see you are getting some in return for all the goodness you send out!!

  7. It makes me so happy to see the good mail that other people receive (and to see things I've sent as well). It's just life-affirming to know so much thoughtfulness is going on out there. Thanks for posting these!

  8. Yeah for good mail Holly! Congrats!

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