Just a Little Bit More Marathon Bidness

I promise, this is the last marathon post for at least a while. Pinky swear.

Last Friday night my running group, Bay Area Fit, hosted a very special event called the Blessing of the Feet. It might sound silly, but it truly is an excellent way to end the official training season and set the tone before race day. After a pasta supper we listened to some motivational talks, celebrated achievements, and yes, blessed our feet.

Bay Area Fit members about to bless their feet

There were over 500 members in Bay Area Fit this year and most made it to the start line Sunday. The group is made up of experienced runners and beginners. Their motto is get up off the couch and Change Your Life. It works.

I received a huge surprise Friday night during the award presentations. I was just sitting there minding my own business, enjoying the show...when they called my name!! What?!? The coaches had chosen me as one of the "Outstanding Returning Members". I was floored and walked up on stage in a daze!

Receiving this award meant a lot to me. During the race, when I realized things weren't going how I had planned or trained, I was even more embarrassed because of that plaque. Now I see though that sticking it out to the finish was most important, so I guess they'll let me keep it!

During the race, when A. wasn't cheering the runners and ringing a cow bell...

She found time to color on the convention center floor.

I have had this sticker on the back window of our SUV for almost 2 years. Since we are NOT bumper sticker/decal people, it's the only one.

That number has always made my heart beat a little faster and given me a little thrill. Silly as it may sound, now I feel like I've finally earned the right to have the sticker on my window.

Sunday afternoon I was convinced I would NEVER run another marathon. I was going to stick with the Half and write 26.2 off as an error in judgment.


Yesterday I told Scott that I WOULD try again next year and I wasn't going let the Chevron Houston Marathon get the best of me.

He almost rolled off the couch.

Call me crazy. I can live with that.


  1. And such are the ways of the marathon runner! Woohoo! You should join us for St. George...I'm pretty sure Anne and Christy will be signing up with me. Maybe we'll talk Jen into it, too.

  2. I hope our baby is born on February 26th in honor of you! You're such an inspiration to someone like me who really, really likes to sit on the couch.

  3. I like the marathon posts, so inspirational! And if I ever accomplished something like a marathon, I'd stick it on my car too!!

  4. You've earned about 800 posts on this very topic alone. Don't stop.

    And another one? You are one brave woman!

  5. Good for you! I'm glad you're going to do it again.

  6. i love coming back to finish reading about your marathon bidness! can't wait to read more.

  7. The next marathon will be a completely different experience, regardless of how or when you finish. Way to go on such an awesome accomplishment.

  8. You are such an inspiration!
    Your plaque is well deserved!

  9. congrats and the award. and don't worry... i love reading your marathon posts.

  10. I love hearing about any marathon!

    I've always thought running races was like having babies. While you are doing it, you are thinking why on earth am I doing this. And then when it's over, you seem to forget the bad parts and only remember the good parts. I think God made us that way on purpose! :)

  11. That is so awesome! Congrats on the award and yay for running another 26.2! I love it! I can't wait to run my first this year!

  12. I told you that you were a runner...it is so in your blood now! Go girl!

  13. Yay for the award!! i love the marathon posts!
    You're every woman;)

    Oh, and I left you an award on my page!

  14. thatta girl! :) awesome! i'm totally up for st. george (i will fly anywhere for a marathon!).
    how cool that you got that plaque!!! and post all you want about the 26.2- those numbers make my heart skip a beat, too- and it's so much fun to read about other people's experiences. it totally does change your life!

  15. Holly~ I am just catching up on your blog & girl you are amazing!
    Congratulations on the marathon & the plaque!! way to GO


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