SPT: A Closer Look {The Sunday Edition}

is there a part of you, a part of your home, a part of your creativity that gets more attention from you than anything else? when you look at your reflection, do you automatically zoom in on a feature you love or you loathe? when you are in your creative space, is there one project that gets your attention before all the others?

Once again, I am a little late with my SPT. I figure it's better to at least do this late, than not at all. If you are interested in trying out SPT for yourself, you can read more about it here.

My spin on this week's challenge might be a tad different. That's one of the fun things about SPT, it's open to interpretation. I enjoy expressing myself creatively in many ways, from crafts, making cards, scrapbooking, and of course through blogging. I am also learning to express my creative side through photography.

The most important way I see and express the "me within" is through journaling.

I have always felt a strong pull within myself to write about my daily, not so thrilling life. I know this feeling stems from my mom. She wrote in a plain, red, Mead spiral notebook when I was in Preschool. It's really nothing profound, just daily ins and outs of her life and our family. She only wrote for about a year off and on, then I guess she lost interest (I am SO her daughter). Since she died when I was in high school, her old red spiral is one of my treasured keepsakes. I wish I had more.

I went through my stash of filled, partially filled and blank journals and was surprised by how many I have collected. Yes, it's a weakness, one of many. I am always thrilled with the anticipation of writing in a blank, new notebook. The potential. The life waiting to be documented. Some are spiral bound with a nice cover, some are just spiral notebooks or composition books. Some were prayer journals, some were for daily happenings (or non-happenings as the case may be), some recorded our journey through infertility and adoption, and some recorded my running adventures.

When I opened them up and arranged them for a picture I was so happy to see the progression of time and the memories recorded. Yes, there are sometimes huge gaps between the dates and often I'm just rambling about mundane, daily tasks. Still though, it's a record of me. That makes me truly happy.

Hop over to Lelly's blog to take a closer look at some other creative minds.


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  2. Holly,
    I love the photo and find comfort in knowing that I am not the only one that leaves off in one and picks up again writing in another. I am sure at some poit, when we are gone, somebody will be glad for what is there, half finished or not. Thanks for sharing!

  3. This is one area of my life where I really need some work. I love the journals I do have, and I really want to work on adding more. Especially as my boys grow up.

  4. That is so amazing and such a treasure you've created!

  5. Yes...I have been keeping journals since I could write and I consider them cheap therapy and tremendous fun to re-read. So sweet that you have some of your mom's writings to remember her!

  6. this is an awesome spt, and i'm glad you posted. i have a similar collection of journals, and i *hope* someday my family will treasure them as much as i do now.

  7. I love that you take the time to journal. That is such a wonderful thing to look back on and see how much has changed, or what has stayed the same. I'm also glad that you have your mom's old journal to look at--thats very special!

  8. Yes, even though most of it is blah-blah, yada-yada, I like to think A. will appreciate having them someday. At least they say "I was here, I existed", you know?

  9. holly, the photos are great but the memories you are making record of will be priceless to A. as you know in wishing you had more of your mom's. I've always wanted to do more journaling but never did. I have kept notebooks for my kids though. The first year of their life I was good at keeping records. then after that I only wrote about once a year (their birthday) and I think when I do hand them to them they will really like to read them.

    both my kids are journalers, especially the oldest. I have just learned about commonplace books too if you want to read my post about that-both my kids like that idea a lot

  10. Holly, I think this is great. I've always wanted to be a journaler, but never have done it until blogging. I'm sure A. will love having your journals. Every day will be so much more than mundane to her. It's quite a gift, really.

  11. Hi there,
    I'm a friend of Stie's and Bridget's and just finally clicked over after reading your comments for...I don't know...a while!

    Love Angle of Repose, too. So good.

    One of my daughters is in her early teen years and it helps me SO much to look back at my infrequent journals from my own teen years. I gives me much more compassion for how she's feeling :).

  12. You are so lucky to have those. I have tried so many times to keep a journal, and it never lasts. Then I rip the pages our because I think they sounded so stupid.
    I wish I'd never done that, because I'd like to have them now. But, I am doing much better with the blog.


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