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I wish I was part of a book club, but sadly, I am not. I still feel an urge to discuss my recent reads, so I guess I will hold my own little book club here on my blog. Please join me, won't you?

For the past month or so I was away on an adventure with The Count of Monte Cristo. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, however I was worried I would never finish. Grasping a few moments here and there and trying to read a bit more before falling asleep at night made completing 1200+ pages a rather daunting task. When I turned the final page yesterday, I actually felt a sense of relief. I was free of The Count! I don't mean to imply I did not like the book, because I did. I just felt a bit trapped and was eager to start a new story. Maybe that's just my attention span mixed with a healthy dose of book guilt.

I soon grabbed this delight from the recesses of my nightstand and began to soak it up. I could not put it down and devoured it within a day (it is not very long). Can I just say that it was swell (inside joke from the story) and that I wish it had been longer? It is the story of three generations of southern women that led somewhat unconventional lives from the turn of the century to WWII. Utterly delightful. I laughed, I cringed, I cried, I hated for it to end. Sigh.

Now I am beginning this...

Well, I guess that's it for this book club meeting. Thanks for coming out tonight. Snacks anyone?
What is the longest book you have read? What book has you in its grasp? Are you part of a book club?
****EDITED TO ADD: Has anyone been a part of an online/bloggy book club? Would you be interested? Any ideas how one would work best? Maybe each member could post their thoughts on the book for that month's choice like a blog carnival? Let's brainstorm...


  1. Holly, I love love love the Count of Monte Cristo! Why don't you start a book club? A lady just started one here and someone hosts it at their house each time. If you don't read...no dessert! Different book and different time frames depending on the length of the book. My little guy gave a little talk at church about books recently. He took is library card, tucked into his button up shirt pocket and talked about all the great books he can get from the library, the old books that "mommy only lets him look at with her" which are from my husbands grandma that sends old books here and there, his very favorite book is the scriptures. I want both my boys to have such a passion for reading but me myself have a hard time finding the time, the perfect book to spark and keep interest....you know...so, thanks for sharing, and inspiring.

  2. I joined a book club at church and read the first book and had good intentions of going to the discussion, but couldn't make it. In the end, I had added to much to my plate and couldn't continue to be a part of it. I love to read, I just don't think I could be on a schedule because like you and The Count, I never know how many little snipits of time I might get!

    BTW, I love reading your blog. If you want you can check out mine...I have some pretty exciting news posted! :)


  3. I have been craving to be apart of a bookclub but have not found one...so I'm starting one of my own.

    Three girlfriends and I are gonna meet in March and go from there. I'll let you know how it goes.

    Truthfully though, how about a bloggers book club? I've seen them around.

  4. Holly, I will be in a book club with you. You know I am an old pro at book clubs. LOL!

  5. I've never been in a book club, but I would love to do one if you want to start one. I seem to always like your book suggestions.

    I'm going to put the ones you mentioned in my "to-read" list.

  6. I LOVED The Count of Monte Cristo. I know the feeling though of wanting to move onto another book when the one you're reading is SO long. I loved Les Miserables too but that was also a long one.

    I just recently read Peace Like a River. I will be curious to hear what you thought of it. I won't say anything else now.

    Yes, you should start a book club in your area. It does look like fun although I have never been in a book club myself so what do I know? Not much.

  7. The Count of Monte Cristo is one of my all-time favorite books. I wish there was a movie that did it justice. The one released a few years ago was a poor imitation. I'm currently engaged in Philippa Gregory's books on Henry VIII and Elizabeth I. They're SOOOO good. Highly recommend them.

  8. That sounds like fun, you supermom, marathon runner! I just read all of the twilight series, and loved it!

  9. I'd love to be in a book club! I started my book blog just so I would have a place to review them!

  10. I have been in an on-line book club. Pick a book, set a deadline, and get reading. On The Day, you start a discussion, and others of us who have read it blog in and add our two cents in the comments. Ask SK or RB about more particulars, I have been in an online book club with each of them. I'd love to participate!

  11. holly, yes and yes! I've been in online book club discussions (even hosted one!) and right now my sister is hosting one on her site. I've not finished reading it yet, so have not "attended" any of the discussions yet. but that is what is great about the online clubs. when you finish, the posts are there for you to comment on!

    I would love to be in a book club with you, online or in real life if I could swing the schedule!

    in our online clubs we have done what daesha said, pick a book (we have offered three choices, but ultimately the host gets to choose) and then set a date, about a month or so and then make a post, others comment. then in a couple of days make another post, repeat...

    you could do this!

    btw, I've only read the "illustrated classic" of the Count, but loved it-til the end! Have you read the Scarlet Pimpernel?

  12. sorry, here is the url for the book discussion at shelly's place


  13. I would love to join a bookclub and have thought about it many times with church and things like that. My only problem is that I don't think that I read fast enough! Online would be so much fun... Something to think about. I would join and try to keep up for sure.

  14. I have thought before that I would like to belong to a book club, but didn't know where to begin. Plus, with all of my nighttime bathroom painting (yaay!), didn't think I'd have the time. I'm all for it, if you want to do an on-line bloggy book club, sign me up!

  15. I've never finished The Count of Monte Cristo...so I hope you do! :)

  16. I am twirling the idea of an online book club around in my head. I like the idea and will post something soon about getting one started. For some reason, the classics come to mind (though not sure what exactly constitutes a classic) for this possible book club.

    What do you think?

  17. I'm supposed to have Book Club tonight but nobody read the book!

  18. I LOVE Peace Like a River. LOVE IT! Also love the count. I'm considering Peace Like a River for our bookclub. Enjoy it!


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