Cue Gene Autry Singing

Back in the Saddle Again...or in my case, running shoes.

I must confess that ever since my marathon I have not been one with the running. I won't whine or make excuses, I'll just admit I have been a bit slothlike these last few weeks. I could probably count on one hand the number of times I have run, and it's been on the treadmill. Yawn. I don't have another race scheduled until April, so I have a feeling keeping my motivation and my feet going might be difficult this spring. Not good news for my thighs, so I best keep at it, huh?

This morning though, I hit the streets and I have to admit it felt pretty wonderful. My body remembered what to do, thank goodness. After all, it's just putting one foot in front of the other, right?

This running thing, I think I like it.

How are your fitness goals coming along?


  1. ha ha- the marathon sloth is real. i am finally not feeling dread when i strap on the shoes to go! i wish it were nice enough to run outside, but i'm on a treadmill, which the sloth doesn't like so much.
    time to put the anchorage marathon on your schedule.... :)

  2. Fie upon you & your snow-less streets!

  3. My fitness goals are much like that of the sloth family.

  4. I have got back on the treadmill this week. It's been a while. I was dying and I only did 3 miles. So sad.

  5. holly, it's okay to take a break from running after a marathon. I do it every time. let your mind + body adjust back into it, and then you'll know you're ready to hit the streets again.

    and once you're back out there again you'll remember why you do it in the first place. because you love it. because it has the ability to change your life. change your perspective. allow you to think + work through any problem. running helps you face life. running shows you what you are truly capable of. running makes your body move in ways you never thought possible, and even in the pain of it all there is joy. you are a runner.

    now I'm off to do the happy birthday 10 mile run!

    ps: what race are you doing in april?

  6. no comment...

    fine, I'll ge off the computer and take the kids to the rec center. thanks for the guilt.

  7. Ha! My fitness goals are a joke!
    I have registered to walk a 10 K next month, but "registering" is about all I've done to prepare. Yikes!

    The Good Mail was waiting for me when I flew home from Disney World last night - thanks!

  8. Anna: That is so true. It has felt nice to take a break and not stick to a schedule. I know my personality though and I better not let myself slide too much. I think I can do fairly well getting shortish weekday runs in, but I haven't done a long weekend run yet. I haven't even broken the 5 mile barrier! Sheesh.

    The race in April is a local Half, though it would be a blast to do Salt Lake--maybe next year!

  9. did pretty good on my new "training" today. 2 mile run, 6 mile bike, and 6 laps in pool-well, these were pretty bad-had to stop every time I got to the end of the pool...hope I can make it!!!

  10. Holly- you are so good girl! I just can't get it together this year. I am hoping a little break from the snow will stop the lame excuses, we shall see.???


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