The Day the Mumbo Was a Little Less Jumbo

There are moments when the stars are in alignment, the winds are blowing in the right direction and my brain fires on all synapses. Or whatever it churns on. Coffee. Chocolate. Salsa.

Finally, Thursday afternoon something clicked in my brain and I began to understand what certain photography terms mean. I received this for Christmas, but had not been making much sense of it. To me, it was like reading Charlie Brown's teacher's syllabus. WHA-A-wa-wah. After two classes at a local camera store and much page turning of this, I was ready to try once again to experiment with my camera's manual modes.

Alert the media, because I took several pictures in Av mode AND full manual mode. And the pictures turned out pretty good, I mean for being my first attempts and all that.

So, why am I telling you all of this? Well, friends I am challenging myself to practice these barely acquired skills by taking and posting more pictures. Just not here. Take a peek over on my sidebar and you will see a new link. That's right, it's my photo blog, in all of it's two or three posts glory. Pop over and check it out if you feel like it. No pressure.


  1. what a great idea- i think it's awesome you're into photography- i would love to take better photos at some point in time- right now is not that time for me, so i enjoy seeing it on others' blogs!

  2. Maybe this is the inspiration I need to get moving with my camera! I bought a Canon 40 D in Oct but so far haven't really learned to use it! I mean I use it, but not with any of the fancy schmancy functions, you know?!

  3. That's awesome. My husband has a wicked nice camera but I am so scared to use it. I need to get comfortable with it so I can abandon my cheap camera. Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. I AM SUPER JEALOUS! I just got a new camera, and have no idea how to use anything except the auto. You have inspired me. Thank you!

  5. Love the pictures and good for you for taking the class and reading the books!

  6. Do you know, Understanding Exposure single-handedly changed photography for me forever. I have a Rebel, too and I now shoot ONLY in manual. He has some other great books, too, and a new one coming out in March. I am OBSESSED with him. Go, Holly!

  7. Holly
    Not bad pics for your first few. Taking great photos has always been something I have wanted to do...maybe when I get a great camera. For now the smaller one works and I will live through your great shots. What a cute little subject (A that is) to be photographing!!! Way to go!


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