Drum Roll Please...

We have a winner! Using my technologically advanced system, Lynn's name was picked this morning. Hooray!! A set of handmade notecards and tasty chocolate will be on its way to you.

Thanks everyone for playing along, it was fun!


  1. Congratulations Lynn...I'm going to go cry now. ;-)

  2. Lynn is very HAPPY that you have such a high tech system to choose winners. That way she doesn't feel so guilty that she won. But, SHE DOES NOT FEEL GUILTY .....just very lucky. THANKS Holly. Love ya!

  3. go Mom!! you lucky dog! Holly's cards are the best! You won't want to use them because they are so pretty.

  4. congrats to lynn! now i'm going to have to buy some chocolate of my own.

  5. technology is a great thing! :)


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