Gotta Share Some Good Mail

Yesterday was a fabulous day to go to the mailbox! Look at all of these fun surprises...

Annelise was thrilled to get some goodie mail (an original masterpiece) from her friend Macy. They get a kick out of sending each other notes and pictures. So cute.

I was such a lucky duck yesterday to get my LOVE Swap package from Anna.

She sent me an adorable set of button note cards. Aren't they cute? Yes! Some of my favorite Gu (hmmm...I guess I that means I should be running), a CD she made, a really cool vegetable peeler (I've never seen this kind) and a book by Gordon B. Hinkley called Standing for Something: 10 Neglected Virtues That Will Heal Our Hearts and Homes. I skimmed through it and it sounds very inspiring, I look forward to reading it. I love all of it Anna! You are so creative and thoughtful, thank you.

Gabi surprised me with some personalized notes along with a very thoughtful note. You are so sweet. Thank you Gabi!

Roro sent me a nice note thanking me for the LOVE swap package I sent her. Silly me, I forgot to take a picture before I sent it on its merry way, but these note cards were part of it. I'm so glad you liked everything!

I can't believe all of that arrived yesterday! Truly an excellent good mail day.

Here is a little bit more goodness that has come my way recently:

A sweet note arrived from my friend Maria for some Valentine good mail I sent her. Thanks Maria!

Heather sent me this cute coffee card filled with kind words. Thanks Heather!

Kim totally surprised me with this good mail the other day--Pizza Goldfish along with a pretty card. This just tickled me because we had casually talked about how we both thought Pizza Goldfish were the BEST (I did not know you could still buy them). She surprised me by sending me some. Thanks Kim!

Posting about good mail helps me remember the kindness and joy that swirls around me. Sometimes it is refreshing to come back to these posts whenever I have a droopy day. I am so grateful for all of my friends, those in real life and the virtual variety too!


  1. How fun is that! There really are alot of nice, thoughtful people out there!

  2. Wow, Holly! You get more goodmail than anyone I know.

    I'm so glad mine arrived. It was just somethin' little, but I wanted you to return the favor! You are one popular gal....

  3. I love how you share all of your good mail...it looks like so much fun. :)

  4. I'd say that was a neat Good Mail day!

  5. what a great mailbox time! i really like the book by hinckley- it's got some interesting points and it was nice to read something i could take "life lessons" away from...probably why i am tending towards re-reading "eay pray love"- that book is drawing me back over and over!

  6. Those are all so beautiful, I can't participate.

    Mine would be the ripped piece of binder paper and a dozen (minus a few) bar cookies. They wouldn't even look very pretty.

    Your swappers are way too crafty for me!

  7. So, I'm not much in the good mail department (and I don't post about it), but I wanted to say thanks for the cute notes you've sent me over the past year. They brighten my day and always seem to come when I need them!

  8. YEAH! I'm glad you liked the Pizza GOldfish. THey are our favorite store - Target! :) I'm so looking forward to tomorrow - watch out Savannah!!!

  9. glad you enjoyed the swap goodies! (and I'm having total mailbox envy right now!)

  10. p.s. Did you know Anna is my sister-in-law?!


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