How I Feel Today

I know that it is Valentine's Day. I know that it is a day to declare and demonstrate love to your family and friends. Scott was so sweet and got Annelise and I little gifties. I appreciate that and him so much, but I must confess...

I'm grumpy today.

Right now Oscar's life and attitude mirrors my own. So on this day of forced love, take a moment to enjoy a little diddy with Oscar and his pal Johnny Cash, compliments of Miss Grouchy Pajama Pants over here (that would be moi).

(Still love y'all though!)


  1. I love Johnny Cash singing about ANYTHING! (A love my husband does not understand, but we make it work!)

  2. I'm sure you show love 364 other days a year. Wallow in it today! I will support you by swimming in the deep myself.

    Love Johnny Cash too!

  3. Oh got to love Johnny Cash:)

    Have a great DAY:)!!!!!!!!!

  4. Hey there... I hope your day turns around and you start to feel the LOVE!... I am sending it your way!

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  6. Oh, I love Johnny Cash too!
    Hope you will have a nice day :-))

  7. Holly, You crack me up. I reserve a "grouchy pajama pants" card to pull out every now and then...sometime just in spite of my beautiful God given name :) Wear those pants proud and then put them away! HEHE.

  8. Hang in there! Sometimes holidays bring out the worst in us. Glad you're being honest.

  9. I love how every great singer has had an episode on Sesame Street! HOpe tomorrow is better for you.

  10. I'm sorry you are grouchy! I still love ya! I missed you tonight. Call me tomorrow...I have an idea for our Friday.

    Love ya!

  11. That is such a funny video! I love Johnny Cash, too.

    Can you really still feel grouchy after seeing that, though? :)

    I hope Oscar moves out of your trashcan tomorrow! :)

  12. ha - my day was sooo similar. (i only blogged about the parts that were sadistically funny. the other stuff, the stuff i could find NO humor in... let's just say it will remain unsaid!)

    hope you're feeling better Miss Grouchy Pajama Pants!



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