I Have Bone to Pick With a Certain Mouse

Scott and I have been married almost 13 years. He has been talking about taking a trip to Disneyworld for almost 13 years. I must admit that I have been the naysayer and foot dragger. Once we had Annelise, he was convinced his ticket to Disney had finally arrived.


I don't know if it's the forced happiness or the extreme over the top Disney commercialization or large costumed animals, or maybe a combination, but I have always been anti-mouse.

In a weak, sentimental moment recently I may have whispered something to the effect of, "Well, Annelise will turn 5 this year, she will probably enjoy it, maybe we could go around Christmas time." or something along those lines.

Oh. My. Goodness.

Over the last two to three weeks, Scott has ordered a Disney vacation DVD, purchased at least two travel guides, picked the brain of several coworkers and perused the Net relentlessly. I have unleashed a monster. He is living, breathing, thinking all things Disney.

While I know that you have to book certain things early, and on some levels I appreciate his foresight (since I am a terrible fly by the seat of your pants procrastinator), my mouse resentment is building.

Are you pro or anti mouse? Any Disney Must Dos? Any Disney Don't Bothers?


  1. I am sorry but I am so PRO-MOUSE. My dad worked at Disneyland for 10+ years and I love everything Disney. 5 is such a great age to go for the first time. I think she would love it. It is so magical and she will be able to remember it and enjoy it now!

  2. I am definately PRO mouse. I love disneyland- LOVE IT. There is something so magical about seeing your child see Cinderella live & in person. It is so fun- it's so magical to the little ones. You are gonna love it-

  3. Not really Anti-Mouse, just Mouse apathetic. My boys never cared, my husband is hard core Anti so we've never considered a Mouse trip.

    Then came our girl and only in the past two months has she discovered Princesses. The flood gates have been opened! And now I need to figure out if my apathy should be converted to pro or anti because she is on a runaway train to Mousekteer Joy!

  4. I'm probably the wrong person to ask since I share my name with said mouse. And I live about an hour away from Disneyland. And I have season passes now. Any guesses as to which side I belong to?
    Truth be told, I wasn't always pro mouse- at least not a "Let's go to Disney" kind of person. But having my 3 kiddos changed everything. As I've said before on my blog, for some reason my 3 do very well there. Sad but true, it's one of the few places where my family acts somewhat "normal." The cloud of autism seems lift for the day and we just have a great time. Just being honest.
    We love California Adventure over Disneyland (not sure if they have the same thing in Florida). It's less crowded and a cool environment.
    Good luck though- I know a thing or two about obsessive husbands (need I remind you of the puppy wars). If you really don't want to go, definitely don't let A know that you're even thinking about it. If Scott is anything like Josh, he'll have her do his dirty work for him.

  5. My husband and I went on our honeymoon to Disney World 8 years ago - it was WONDERFUL! The customer service can't be beat, the food selection and quality are fantastic and the entertainment is top notch. With the 4 Disney parks in FL (we loved MGM and Animal Kingdom best, with Magic Kingdom coming in as a must-do for the Main Street parade and fireworks - Epcot is only okay in comparison to the others, though it was my favorite when I was little) you really can't go wrong. My husband is anticipating when our little ones will be big enough to enjoy the trip . . . we live in Seattle now, so now the big question looms for us when the time comes - Disneyland or Disney World?

  6. Holly, Holly, Holly.....
    Come on, jump on the Mouse-band wagon...it will make you swim faster! (peer pressure) Don't worry, he won't bite :)
    Watching A. (and obviously Scott) will give you great joy. I promise. Look at both of my blogs, I have put several posts in there regarding our trip this month to Disney World.
    Embrace the ears.
    Love ya!

  7. I am anti-mouse logo and abhor all things that scream Disney Store. But, I do love Disneyland. Once you see it through A's eyes, you will like it a little more. You'll still hate the commercialization of it all (me, too) but it truly is a magical place. I love it now that I've taken my kids a few times.

  8. That would drive me nuts, too. I was totally anti-mouse until we did it. The Disneyland trip in my mind, was going to be a one-shot deal. We had such a wonderful time that I would totally do it again.

    You are going to have a freakin' nightmare of a time at Christmas, though. We went at Christmas but we had the boys' disabled passes, so we didn't wait in any lines. It was very crowded, though. If we had been waiting, it would have sucked. We had friends who went to Disneyworld at that same time as we were in CA and they only got about 3 rides a day because of the lines.

  9. Some say I was a deprived child because I never went when I was a kid and still haven't been but I have always heard it is amazing and magical for kids. I love to see my kids really believe in things....it is part of the magic of childhood. Think of the pictures you could take with that new camera when A. sees those princesses or the light parade or....oh! I guess I am pro mouse! Go for it!

  10. I am SOOOOO pro-mouse. I love that place, and we went 2 months ago, and I can't stop thinking about going back. We're going with my dance studio in October. I can't WAIT!!!! You'll have so much fun with your little girl, and the best part of the whole trip will be watching her smile all day.

  11. I am TOTALLY pro-mouse. And even if you aren't a vacation planner, you definitely need to plan well and plan early for a Disney vacation.

    We went when my kids were 1, 4, and 7, and we had a BALL. We took my parents along (free babysitting!) and stayed five nights at the Old Key West resort.

    I cannot WAIT to go back. I hope you enjoy it!

  12. Our house was neutral (probably because I grew up near Disneyland and went quite often growing up) but I will say that the best trip we ever took the kids on was the Big Red Boat Cruise Ship. Disney now has their own cruise line.

    We flew into Florida and took a cruise for 4 days to the Bahamas. The last 3 days were then spent touring the sites in Florida such as Disney World, Epcot, etc. It was such fun!

    On the ship however, you can have Disney characters tuck your little one into bed at night, they have fun camps for the kiddos, talent shows, you name it. They totally cater to the family. Great great fun for everyone!

    Just remember, whatever you do, you're making wonderful family memories...and you won't regret it!

  13. So funny and my thoughts exactly before we actually went to Disneyland. we lived in LA county and went 12 times in one year because of their S. CAl pass and are going again next week! I always remember when we go that it's not for me, it's for the girls. They love every moment and eventually I get into the spirit of it. I've never been to Disneyworld, but find Disneyland, a fun family time. Christmas may be pretty crowded but spring and late fall are always less crowded. Good luck Holly!

  14. I am Pro-Mouse! Jason and I went to DLand 3 years ago and I totally cried during the parade...yes, 27 and crying at DLand. It really is the happiest place n earth! Plus, bib daddy will get a work-out! :)

  15. I am anti-mouse. I hate all the commercial junk they sell at 15 times a reasonable price. HOWEVER, with kids it would be very fun I think. I would like to someday take my kids there.

  16. I am...Hmmm...I have never really thought about it! I guess I would like to go just to say I went- but it is not on my 100 things I would like to do.

    I know the boys would love it!

  17. I'd love to share w/ you and will prob send you an email, or talk later!

    we do not commercialization, etc, but we love DWorld! we have been planning for the past six years on going back this year...but things have changed and we can't go when we planned. last time we went we went the week after Thanksgiving. great time to go if you want the Christmas atmosphere w/o the Christmas crowd...I think you'll like it, you will probably love Epcot if you can get the rest to love it too...anyway....I hope you go....and LOVE it! OH!!
    or you could go and do the marathon... :)

  18. I mean to say we do not like commercialization....

  19. I understand your feelings about the mouse and tend to share them. We went to Disneyland 18 months ago, and though the kids loved it, I didn't. I do think it's kind of a right of passage and that everyone should get to go there at some point, but I don't love it.

    It's way crowded at Christmas time though, that might not improve your feelings about it.

  20. WOW! We loved disneyworld when we went. SO MUCH FUN!! However, right before Christmas - as you say - notsomuch. We went Dec 12-17. Not crowded. Perfect weather. Short lines. Christmas parades. Christmas decorations. Does it get any more Christmas-y than free hot chocolate and cookies at the park? We would love to tell you all the wonderful reasons to go. And tell your DH to stop spending money on books - the library in LC has PLENTY about Disney.

  21. I think Disney is really fun for kids. We surprised our girls 3 years ago and flew down to Disneyland for a weekend. They had no idea we were even going anywhere until we started taking suitcases into the airport. So, that was a fun surprise. And I would totally take them again.

    But, I don't understand adults who are really into Disney. I'm not talking people who are into it for their kids. I have a cousin who is a few years older than me. He and his wife have no kids, but their house is decorated with Disney characters, and they go to Disneyland or on a Disney cruise every year. I just don't quite get it.

    I have no Disney tips since we've only been once. Oh wait, I do! Bring your own water to the park. It's insane to pay as much as they charge for bottled water. Painful!

  22. I understand exactly. We have been 4 times and each time I say I'll never go again. The commercialization of it all REALLY gets to me. This past trip just last month I noticed how rude all of the other vacationers there are - and only the Americans!

    That said, I do think everyone should experience Disney at least once (or 4) time(s)!
    It really is a magical place for kids. Annelise is the perfect age - big enough for most of the rides and young enough for the princesses to be magical.

    Advice: rent a stroller (even if she hasn't been in one in YEARS) and buy the pre-paid meal plan if you are staying at a disney resort.

    Good luck.

  23. I've tagged you in a new meme if you want to join in: I've posted my six word memoir here: http://silken-didyouknow.blogspot.com/2008/02/did-you-know-i-could-sum-up-my-life-in.html

  24. My hubby and I were once anti-Disney but when we went to Disney World with the girls we loved it because they loved it. That makes all the difference in the world. Then we went on a Disney Cruise and that was even better!!! I was impressed with Disneyworld and how it was run.

    I think at this time for Annelise she will just adore it and you will enjoy it knowing how much fun she is having.

  25. OHHH! I looooove Disney World! I'd go every year if I could afford it:)

    We just suprised our kids over the summer with a brief 2 day visit on our way to Southern Florida. We had a blast!

    Although, it is much more enjoyable in the fall/winter time, as far as the heat goes.

    5 is the perfect age to meet Mickey!

  26. Besides, Disney does everything top notch: the music, the fireworks, the parades.

    (Not sure why my comment above is "annonymouse", so I'm adding an extra comment here!)


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