I'm Just a Few Stages Away from a Snap-Up House Dress

With large tropical flowers plastered all over it.

When did I become such a fuddy-duddy? Sadly though, my friends, here is the evidence:

* I change quickly from my real clothes to comfy clothes.
* I am not opposed to wearing said comfy clothes out and about either. Nice.
* Because I seem to be overly concerned about my digestive system, I bought Activia yogurt. And I like it.
* We eat earlier in the evening.
* I keep prunes in the pantry. Hey, they are high in antioxidants too!
* I daily check for, and pluck, pesky chin hairs. Yes.
* I am routinely referred to as m'amm. Polite, but still...m'amm?
* We no longer watch Entertainment Tonight.
* We find ourselves watching, gulp, Wheel of Fortune.
* I am a major homebody. I look forward to a night on the sofa with the DVR remote in hand.
* Staying up late means past 10:30 PM. Then I pay for it the next day, badly.
* We are planning a trip to Florida. Granted there is a mouse and a large castle involved, but I bet we'll fit right in with the retirement culture anyway.

So, what color mumu should I shop for? I'm thinking something in pink...


  1. i was still holding out hope for you, until i read that you are watching "wheel. of. fortune."

    oh, holly, SNAP OUT OF IT!

  2. Yes, I think pink too. With big bright flamingos on it! =)

  3. Oh..you are too much! Some of those things describe me 5 years ago...what does that make me- I was born in 79' HAHA!

  4. Holly, you're not alone! I can identify with those symptoms... I think it's part of being a mommy. But I want to get one that zips. Snaps take a little longer.

  5. oh and, I think lime green or aqua with pink flamingos would be fab! Let me know if you find one!

  6. you girls crack.me.up! Holly you are too hip....what are you talkin' about? Anyway, whatever mumu you buy will the the in style! HAHA!

    Oh, and chin hairs...LOL

  7. Don't knock the Wheel! That's some good education, my oldest learned his alphabet watching Wheel. Except I didn't realize it was still on.

    Since you are a Texas gal, I think your mumu better have some sparkly touches. That will keep you hip.

  8. Ha ha! But do you watch the Weather Channel then call your family to discuss it? And do you have a standing Tuesday morning beauty shop appointment? If not, then you're a young thing, girl!

  9. You sound a lot like me! But I think pink, with flamingos on it. And a pair of pink fuzzy slippers to go along with it!

  10. Holly- you are so funny!
    this just cracked me up- hee hee
    thanks for the good laugh.
    I never do any of these things ;)

  11. Past 10:30pm is late for me too! So sad. And don't get me started on the nasty chin hairs.

  12. so up til the chin hair and wheel of fortune, i was thinking "wow- she is totally a runner! activa and prunes are right up that alley!"
    this so cracks me up. are there flamingo print mumus? i'm going to keep my eye out for one. :) it sounds super comfy- which says a lot seeing as how i'm in fleece pants and about to go to bed at 9:30. :)

  13. at least you don't have the white hair to go with it!!

  14. I pluck chinny-chin-chin hairs, too! BLAST those wiry #$%&* hairs!

    Welcome aging with arms wide open, I say! Heck, ol' lady, you're all of--what? Thirty two????

  15. I'm totally with you on this and wondering if I can get away with a mumu too.

    I recently bought fiber pills at Costco and actually like them. I laugh at myself every morning when I eat one.

    I haven't started watching Wheel of Fortune, but I check for chin hairs!

  16. You crack me up! This was hilarious! I, too, am obsessed with fiber and maintaining my GI health. I second the comfy clothes, but will personally come down and remove it if you start wearing a mumu. You're WAY too cute for that.

  17. Crystal: I think I have memories of 32. It was a pretty good year, what with Reagan and all....HAHA kidding. I am currently in a tentative holding pattern at 39.

  18. My kids can be bribed to do anything if they get to stay up and watch "Wheel"!

    I know how you feel, though. Would much rather be home in something elastic-waisted than out past 9 pm!

  19. oh you crack me up.. I do a lot of those things too.. glad to have company!

  20. I'm laughing SOOO hard, because that has so become me. And you know what? I'm happy with it.


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