Love Triangle

You might recall that I am a fan of swaps. I'll pretty much swap anything that isn't nailed down. So when I read about Beth's Love Triangle Swap I just could not resist. This one was great because it was simple, cheap, and involved cards. Yippee! It was also all about spreading love, friendship and some Good Mail too.

Here are the cards I sent:

And here are the cards I received in return:

This cutsie card came from Chi. Isn't it darling? Thank you Chi! She was so thoughtful to send a blank card that I could in turn send to someone. Not that I could easily part with this treat though.

Then the swap hostess herself, Miss Creative, otherwise known as Beth, sent along an adorable card that she made (stitched even!). I love it! Thank you Beth.

I squealed with delight when I opened up this package from Aranne. She was so kind to send me four, count them--FOUR hand made cards!! Oh my goodness! Thank you so much Aranne, you sweet thing you.

If you have never participated in a swap, I encourage you to give one a whirl. You not only exchange fun treats, you have an opportunity to meet other bloggers and share in a bit of fun. It's a win-win.


  1. Those cards are so cute! I love to make cards. I'm inspired. Tomorrow night this is what I am doing.

  2. so cute! i'm totally jealous of all you paper craft girls. my idea of being crafty with paper is layering different colors.

  3. I love swaps too. I just joined a new one http://allysonkristenbrandon.blogspot.com/2008/02/ready-for-another-swap.html. You might want to check it out. It seems like a really fun one. I love the cards they are so beautiful.

  4. swaps are awesome- i've only done one, but it was a lot of fun. i tend to procrastinate and overthink them, though.

  5. Hey there... Glad that you got your cards and that you liked them. It was fun swapping with you and I enjoy checking in on here and getting a glimpse into your daily life. Hope you will be able to use your cards and have some fun! Thanks again for your sweet card too.


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