Spreading the Love Through the Mail

There has been a lot of friendship and goodness circulating through the U.S. Mail lately! Let me take a moment to document some of this happiness...

Jen sent a cute thank you note for some birthday good mail I sent her. Thanks Jen!

Annelise received some Valentine Good Mail from her Aunt Jerry and Uncle Dan in Maine and a cute dinosaur valentine from her good buddy Kannon. She also got two thank you notes for little treats she had shared recently. She LOVES good mail in any and all forms!

A sweet thank you note arrived from Anna for some good mail I had sent. Thanks Anna! She and her darling family are in the exciting process of adopting a baby girl. Please keep them in your prayers as they travel next week for the birth.

Natasha sent a kind note of thanks this week too. She just got back from a trip to Disney to avoid the Mardis Gras craziness. Smart, huh? Thanks Natasha!

We received this darling valentine from our good friends Jason and Kim. They have two precious boys Rylan and Jacob that Annelise loves to play with. Thanks Kim!

This darling polar bear card arrived from Kim's sweet mother, Olivia. She loves to make hand crafted cards too and they are always beautiful. Thank you Olivia!

This beautiful card arrived the other day filled with sweet words from Patsy. Is it gorgeous or what?!? I love it! Thank you Patsy!

Once you start sending and receiving good mail going to the mailbox takes on a whole other meaning. Much of the good mail that comes my way is from blogging friends that I have never met in person. Isn't that cool? I certainly think so. It is a another way blogging helps people connect and interact. Remember that good mail does not have to be extravagant. Just a note telling the other person you were thinking of them constitutes good mail. Why not send some today?

When I started typing this post I soon realized many of the cards I received were thank you notes. I don't know about you, but I enjoy receiving these and I enjoy sending them. I do not expect them, but I do believe written thank you notes are a very thoughtful gesture. I must admit I am not always as prompt in writing my thank you notes as I should be, but I make every effort to acknowledge a kindness received. In today's technological society written thank yous might be considered an outdated social more and not necessary. I disagree, I believe they are appreciated and are important.

What do you think? Is a written thank you note still a must do? How do you usually say thank you? Let's discuss.


  1. Neat good mail! And yes, I think Thank You notes are important. It is one aspect of my life where I am I trying to be better!!

  2. Beautiful card from Patsy.

    Yes, I think written thank yous are important. I have already got my 7 year old understanding the importance of that.

  3. Yes, writing a thank you note for a kind gesture is a must!

    I LOVE the idea of "good mail" and really have done it forever with friends...and would like to start this with new blogging friends. What is the best way to get started?

  4. Those are so,so cute. I love making cards. I will steal some of those ideas.

  5. Holly,
    So fun to see what "treats" you have received. I think thank you notes are becoming a lost art. They are so simple, so easy, mean so much, and take so little time. Im like Linda, I haven't been able to participate in good mail with blogging friends helps me out with some tips!

  6. I am trying to teach Annelise about thank you notes too. Since she's four, I write them out and then she prints her name.

    A lot of my good mail is from friends in real life and family, but much of it is between bloggy friends too. I have participated in a few swaps and that is one way to reach out of your blog a bit. If you post occasionally about good mail and ask your readers to email you their address then that is one way to get started. I did that with Christmas/Holiday cards and then a few weeks ago too and had a few responses that way.

    I'd love to send y'all some good mail! Just email me your address--the link is on my sidebar.

  7. thank you notes are a must! although I must admit, mine don't look near as beautiful as the one's you've receieved.

  8. I think it's the thoughts expressed that are most important in the card, don't you? Hand made cards ARE a nice touch, if you are into that thing, but we should not let that stop us from sending cards if we are not, you know? I use a mixture of both--depending on how much crafting I've done or NOT done as the case may be. :)

  9. Thank yous are so very important and definitely not sent enough. In the world of the internet now, it is unfortunate that some think an email is enough.
    I would love to hear more running stories. Are you training for any runs in the near future? I am running the Columbus Half Marathon in Columbus OH in April and plan to run the DC Marine Corps Marathon come October. I would love to find another half or even full to do this year--any suggestions? I would love to run outside of Ohio, where I live. I have run the Chicago marathon twice, which is a MUST!

  10. Yes, it is a must-do. I am mortified when I forget. I usually throw in a Sonic card or Starbuck's to make up for my lateness.

  11. Fun good mail- you totally deserve it. Your cards are always so pretty.
    For me, I try to do thank you's quickly and sometimes I do it immediately and sometimes it takes me months. But I for sure think it's important. My mom has always been really good at that. I need to work on it though......

  12. I am sooo bad about thank you notes! I want to ...and then I just don't! Bummer- I want to be better, thanks for the reminder!

    I think I might try posting about wanting to send good mail to my blogging friends- however, I'm not always good about remembering YOU wonderful girls!

  13. as one who owes you a thank you note i have no where to talk, but I do think they are so important, but i am so behind in sending them
    i love seeing people post good mail, i know it is got to be so touching for jill to what amazing love she has spread.

  14. Alison: I tried to view your profile and visit your blog, but it didn't work. In case you stop back by, congrats on your races and the ones coming up on your calendar. I don't have any out of state ones in the works yet, but I plan to to enter the Marine Corps and the New York Lottery, just to see if I can get in. Check out Marathon Guide.com, they have a national and international race calendar with links. Good luck & happy running!

  15. i love good mail. :) i am a thank you writer when i can remember- i always try to get it done, but ironically, the people i know best suffer most in this area! :)

  16. Thank you notes are so neat. I remember when I was married, I only, ashamed to admit - sent out a few thank you cards. I wish I could redo it, but alas, it must be too late. I have learned that thank you cards are a must and a very special gesture! I can't wait to post the goodmail you sent my may! I hope you know how much you made my day Holly - thank you! :)

  17. I LOVE to send cards! I send them for any and all reasons. I almost send them too often (that is what my husband thinks anyways). But I love to make them and everyone tells me how much they enjoy getting them so that is why I keep making and sending them. And Thank-Yous are a MUST!

  18. I agree Aranne sending cards, of any kind is the best! I don't think you could ever send too many because they really do brighten up your friends' mailboxes and their days.

    Here is another disclaimer of sorts: Right now I can think of at least 3 or 4 thank yous (maybe more if I thought long enough) that I am quite tardy in sending. I am usually late with them, though sometimes I blow my curve and get them sent promptly--but that is NOT the norm. I wrote this post just because I was thinking about thank yous in general, not like I am perfect with them or hinting at anything AT ALL. :) I just hate to think that they are becoming a thing of the past and being replaced with, gasp, email or something...

  19. You know I think a written thank you note is still a must do! There's just nothing else like it. Even profuse personal thanks, a phone call or an email just isn't the same.


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