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My own treat for Valentine's Day had to wait until the morning after. I like to live on the edge you know. Guess what I treated myself to...

You are right! A brow and lip wax. Isn't de-furring special and romantic? Over here in the real world it is. Please don't be frightened by the redness, it fades in time. Like a few hours. Nice.

I also popped into Walgreens for a much needed new lipstick. You might remember that I am constantly seeking the perfect shade and I just never quite get it right. I settled on two this morning, Caramel Glace and Silverstone (Revlon and Loreal respectively). This is Caramel Glace, but the redness and slight swelling encircling my lips doesn't provide the best setting.

On another note, Pappo brought Annelise a Valentine yesterday. Can you guess what it was? Oh, yes, that's right an accordian. Because all four year olds need an accordian. The only saving grace is the fact that she is not strong enough to play it for long periods of time. I can live with that.

Pop over to visit Lelly's blog to see how others treated themselves for Valentine's Day.

Are you constantly changing lipsticks/glosses in hopes of finding the Right One or do you always wear the same color? What colors do you gravitate to? Any recommendations?


  1. My current favorite lipstick is Shitake by Mac. Looks similar to what you've got on.

    An accordian? That's one gift I'd be sure we brought each and every time we visited grandpa. Kind of as a way to thank him for his kindness.

  2. Wow. Maybe you can get bagpipes for St Patricks day!

    I like the lip color, such a quest for the perfect isn't it. And not only perfect, but one that stays on!

    I treated myself to some special valentine redness and swelling on the 13th. Defurring, sounds gross. I prefer pampering!

  3. I am constantly touching my lips, so I don't do well with lip color. I have found, however, that stains are absolutely magical. They last pretty long (several hours compared to maybe 20 minutes with lipstick) but the only problem is that the only stains I've been able to find are cheek stains, which tend to be quite pink. I bought benetint, which smells like roses (lovely) and use it on both my cheeks and lips. It might be worth checking out (that is unless you're morally opposed to pink, then that would be a problem).

  4. I really like the nude shades. Of course as a redhead, "colored" shades of make-up ALWAYS make me look a clown. It is amazing how many different shades of nudes there are. It is a never ending quest for me too.

  5. you asked me for this a looooong time ago. fortunately, i have it with me today, so here it is:

    Cover Girl... oh wait, the label is so worn, i can't even read it. but it definitely says #984.

    so, there you have it. my current lipstick is #984. couldn't you just swoon?

  6. I recently found Neutrogena Moisture Tint Lip Balm and LOVE it. I'm a big lipstick person and I like this much better. I get mine at Target, but it sells out quickly. All the colors are great, but I especially like "Natural" and "Pure".

  7. Oh, I'm so jealous of your de-furring! I need that done badly. My pet peeve though, is that they still tweeze which makes me nauseous if they stay in the same spot for too long. ANYWHO...

    I am a big Prescriptives fan. (Have we had this conversation before?) What I love about their colors is that there is no orange in their non-orange shades. Some makers, like Avon and CG have a similar base to all of their makeup products and it turns orange-y.

    Doesn't happen with Prescriptives.

    That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.

    P.S. Maybe A. could get your Dad a puppy as a payback, err, I mean, thank you for the accordian.

  8. I have one liptick that I believe came in a sample bag from Lancome that my girlfriend gave me because she was cleaning out all her stuff. I love it and I need to find another tube cause I'm almost out. It's called, Creme de Marron. I used to have oodles of lipsticks because I was trying to find the perfect one! I haven't bought or used a different one since I got this one. I really need to brave the mall and find a Lancome counter. With my luck it will be discontinued!!

    A brow wax sounds wonderful. I could sure use one.

  9. Ouch! I can't wax because my skin peels off...seriously! So I have to tweeze! I love to wax other peoples eyes...did you know that your not supposed to put on eyeshadow the rest of the day when you get waxed? Other wise you'll break out...or so I learned in school:)

    I am always on a quest for the perfect lipstick! Haven't found it yet!

  10. I received your Valentine's card; thank you soooo much! It's beautiful. :) Oh, and please don't feel obligated to send me a blank card. I don't even think that was one of the swap requirements. I just figured I would leave it blank...:D I love your message!

    Again, thanks! :)

    Oh...i love, love, love getting my brow and upper lip waxed! Do you get it professionally done? I do...but it's so expensive!

  11. I am still looking for the perfect lipstick. I have mostly glosses that I mix together in an attempt to get the right shade.

    I totally break out with the wax so I must tweeze. Tweezing takes a good portion of my life. So sad.

    LOve your glasses btw.

  12. I'm pathetic. same shade always. hmm, maybe I should try something new? nah...

    bobbi brown lip pencil - cola. LOVE IT

  13. I also wear Mac. I'm boring and don't change things much. If I find something I like, I'll wear it until for a year or two and then branch out again.

  14. Since it's winter here, I'm wearing Burt's Bees in raisin.

    And I love a good accordian toy...it's a close second to my first favorite...the flippin' tamborine!

  15. I am on the same quest of defuzzing and also finding the perfect lipstick.
    I can tell you that I HAVE found the perfect lipliner. It's lipblush by clinique and it goes with EVERY color. Fantastic!!!

  16. I wish I had treated myself to the same gift- my brows and lip are HORRIFIC (to the point that I am afraid that people are only looking at those two places when I talk to them!!!!).
    As for lipstick, I try all different kinds- some of my faves have been from Target (or grocery store) but I've found good ones at Mac too. I don't think you have to spend too much money to get one that looks good on you.
    And the accordian- oh my!!!!!!! What a treasure. Did he give you earplugs to go along with it???

  17. SO loving your waxing reveal.

    And all waxers are NOT alike...there was one in Utah (where we used to live) that made me look like a supermodel with those eyebrow waxes...like I had all new eyes. I miss her.

  18. what you are on the hunt for the perfect shade. i have some for you. must go to purse to look up the names.... oh i love searching for the perfect shade.

  19. The redness involved with your waxing looks painful! My eyebrow waxing area definitely gets pink, but it has never looked like yours. Either yours is more affective or your skin is even more sensitive than mine. Ouch.

    I have never braved a lip waxing.

    How are you feeling about the accordion? That's not a toy I'd be very happy about. (But it's a cute grandpa gift for sure.)


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