What's Going On Over Here?

For some odd reason I have been feeling very domestic today. Not really a cleaning type of domestic, but more of the the cooking variety.

I blared SIRIUS Classic Country and proceeded to make this . (Well, the crock pot is doing the actual work. Love that thing.) Not only is Mique a fabulous wife, mom, absolute creative force, she is an awesome cook. She has been kind enough to share lots of her tried and true recipes on her food blog and they all sound YUMMY.Thanks Mique! I also have a hankering to make several of these. Honestly, I have had a blog crush on Christie for a long time(she IS so cool) and now I like her even more (but not in a creepy stalker way, promise). Thanks Christie!

Lately I have been quite disappointed in myself because I have not been cooking like I should(don't fret, the eating has still been taking place, just not the best things). I seem to have fallen off the Menu Plan Monday wagon and have not been able to hop back on. I had a hard time picking up my jaw after it crashed to the floor when I read Rochelle's 3 Month Plan. Oh my. Yet it inspired me to try to get my act together. Baby steps. Must take baby steps.

On a completely different note, I am ridiculously excited about something. Yesterday afternoon I started reading Little House in the Big Woods to Annelise. I have been dying to read chapter books to her/with her when she's older, etc. I might be rushing it a bit, but I thought I would try and we will see how it goes. She paid attention and seemed interested, so I was of course thrilled. I am also thankful for the black and white sketches every couple of pages.

I am off to mix up those cookies now...

Do you experience moments of domesticity (like me)? Or are you consistently domestic?(Seriously?)
How soon did you read chapter books to/with your kidlets? Did you want to be Laura or Mary growing up? (I wanted to be Laura desperately.)


  1. Right back at you, girlfriend. Thanks for the love! And yes, cookies are always in order. Hmmm...might have to make some myself.

    I started reading to my kids when my oldest was five. We still do it today, even though he's now 10. I love it. I had forgotten the Little House books. I think they'd all get a kick out of those. Oh, and never wanted to be anyone but Laura. Mary went blind and Nellie was a psycho. Laura all the way.

  2. Wish I had more of a hankering to be domestic. When it does kick in it only seems to be in the baking department:)

    I'm a firm believer in the you're-never-to-young-to-listen-to-a-chapter-book philosophy. You may have think me crazy, but I started reading The Chronicles of Narnia series to my daughter when she was an infant! (In small stints, just to get used to the idea of listening to a book beyond her level and it was fun for me to read while nursing!)

    Since then we've continued to read through the series and others. Now she's old enough to read to us and she is doing a great job with Prince Caspian!

  3. Yes, my domestic surges come in waves. Definitely not feeling it everyday but when it strikes it is fun.

    I agree with Christie. Laure was the best for all those reasons. And those braids, loved those braids.

    Yeah, I think Maren was 4 or 5 when I started reading her chapter books. Ethan is 5 now but he prefers the smaller stuff.

  4. chapter books!! special times. we still like to do it when we can!

    I think my boy was 3 when I first read Charlotte's Web to him. He was extremely upset and said I could have told him she was going to DIE! (oops!)

    I love the idea of reading to the infant while feeding him/her. I think it's never too early!

    have fun! :)

  5. Um, domestic dork here...

    Earlier I was happily dumping in ingredients to make Stie's fab oatmeal cookies. After dumping in 2cups each of the sugar and brown sugar I realized I was goofing up 5minutes into this project. What's a girl to do? Double the recipe and keep going.

    So what have I done today? Baked cookies. Literally. Not as much fun as when I started, but nevertheless...tasty.

  6. Ha! I don't know if I've ever been consistently domestic! i so much wish I could on a regular basis, but...a girl's gotta sleep! I love, love, love the Little House series! My mother and I both loved reading the books (don't remember when i first started reading them, but I loved it!). I actually found some adaptations of the Little House series for little children at the library (Layton's and Ashlyh's age), so I was so excited to read them to the kids! when they get a little older, I'm definitely pulling out the big guns and getting into the 'real' series!

  7. If I could, I would definitely try to be more domestic. I love cooking especially. :)

    As for books, I fell in love with the Anne of Green Gables books....and I wanted to be just like Anne (even though I was in college at the time). :) I think reading chapter books to younger kids is just fine. Kids have amazing imaginations.

  8. I think A. is the perfect age for you to share chapter books. The Little House series is what I started reading to Luci when she was 3 . . . by the time she turned 6 she read Little Women on her own. I don't think you are rushing it at all.

    Oh those cookies. . .delish! I am with Christie - I prefer the dough too! YUM!

  9. I read Anne of Green Gables to H & A when they were very young. I think that A might have been around 5 and H maybe 8. I think they loved it. I loved snuggling between them on those Strawberry Shortcake sheets and reading. I think A is the perfect age to read them. Hopefully, it'll be the start of a love for reading. It's never too young I say. I miss those days!

  10. I have those domestic moments. I don't know when I started reading chapter books. E reads chapter books to me now, and we've been working our way through the Boxcar Children. J is more interested in his picture books, but he will let E read to him from others.

  11. I am seriously impressed by your domesticity! I do go through periods like that but frankly - not this week. I miss it though, I love when all the domestic cards line up in my life. The world is a nicer place.

  12. oops I didn't know my daughter was signed on & not me... this is patsy (sixandholding.blogspot.com) not hollyberry sorry hollyberry

  13. Little HOuse on the Prairie books are the best children's books on the planets because they SO make you grateful for how easy your life it. And could Pa be a more perfect Pa? Love them.

    (Totally Laura...who wants to be boring old Mary?)

  14. My older sister and I always faught over who got to be Laura. Too funny to remember that.

    I have recently started planning out my meals two weeks at a time. It was a deal I made with my husband for him to agree to let me to the SLC marathon as apposed to one in my own state. He thinks I will save money by planning better. And the truth is, I'm loving it!!! Who knew?

    I tried reading a chapter book with my 4 year old, didn't go over so well. I guess I'll wait a little and try again. How old is your girl?

  15. I started reading chapter books to my oldest around age 4 (Charlotte's Web and Wizard of Oz were first) and it has become a treasured time in our family. We did the whole Little House series and Harry Potter and lots of other good stuff in between. I think kids' listening comprehension is a lot better than we give them credit for.

    And, yes, I agree with the consensus...Laura Laura Laura.

  16. We read The Big Woods, too. The girls like the pics. Charlotte's Web was a good one also.

    And pick your jaw up off the floor. I'm not quite the domestic diva I appear in print. Trust me when I say that none of Stie's lovely baked goods will ever be pulled from my oven. I cook to live and eat processed treats. Chocolate Twizzlers, anyone?

  17. I started reading chapter books to Max when he was in kindergarten, and lo and behold--Isabelle jumped on the bed and was riveted the entire time we read, each time! She was only three! And same with Mimi, now (she's four). I keep the books very simple--like Charlotte's Web, Ramona the Pest, etc.

    But guess what! They LOVE the Little House series! We're on Farmer Boy right now. That's funny that you're reading them too. We've read Mouse & the Motorcycle, Holes (they loved it), Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil (of COURSE!), Henry Huggins, Black Beauty, and all the Shoes books. (Dancing Shoes, etc, by Noel Streatfeild) I can't remember what others. We started the Little House books a few years ago and then got sidetracked; we're just now picking up Farmer Boy again. I bet A will love them!

    (can you tell I love books?!)

  18. Wow- I've had quite a tough week and you just made me feel so good. Not sure that I am worthy of such compliments...but THANKS!
    As for reading, haven't yet started to read chapter books. But my Jules is 6 now and I guess after reading all these comments and your post I better get started (J doesn't have the attention span and Drew is under 2, so she's the only one who qualifies). I have Charlotte's Web that's just waiting to be read...I guess that's where we'll start.
    As for Little House, I'm with the group- Laura.

  19. Wow, I'm impressed with all your cooking and baking. I am definitely NOT consistent with that. It's more like I have hit and run moments of kitchen domesticity. It's a nuisance really.


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