Five for Friday

1. Maybe I should just go ahead and retire to Florida with all the other phlegm-ified elderly with Kleenex stuffed into every possible pocket. Or hang out at Sea World next to the seal exhibit. I have a case of the coughing crud that has taken up residence in the recesses of my lungs and doesn't seem to be planning on leaving anytime soon. Actually, I am somewhat improved, but still have the chest rattle. Mucinex has been my BFF, so hopefully the CC will pack its bags and move on down the road. Bye-bye now.

2. Since the CC has taken over my lungs, I find myself short of breath after talking for long periods of time (reading aloud) or walking upstairs. Nice. Needless to say, I can't remember the last time I ran. It has to be at least 2 weeks. Nice. Oh, by the way, I have a Half Marathon in exactly ONE month. Nice. I guess I will truly test the concept of muscle memory.

3. I have joined a cult. Nah, not really. I have joined Weight Watchers though and am currently on my second week. Now, granted the first week didn't yield the best results because of All The Eating In Savannah, but I did somehow manage to lose 1.2 pounds. I'll take that. This week has not lived up to its full potential either because of the CC and inability to run without coughing up a lung. Nice. I am following the points pretty closely and making some changes, so I am hopeful it will all come together soon.

4. I have reached a new pinnacle in motherhood. Sort of. Not really. Anyhoo, I am now a soccer mom. Annelise has started soccer through the YMCA and had her first real practice the other day. Well, they ran and kicked balls and stuff. Blessings shall be heaped upon her coach's head, as there are 13-14 four and five year olds (only three girls) with gnat like attention spans. This should be highly entertaining on many levels.

Future Brandi Chastain, right?

5. I'll wrap up this ramble with a little good mail. I was thrilled to receive one of Lelly's darling homemade valentines recently. So very cute.Thank you Lelly!

Mique sent me this fun card along with a flamingo set. It's so funny! Thank you for thinking of me Mique!

I also received this beautiful card from my sweet friend Olivia. Thank you!

Olivia's darling daughter, Kim, sent this adorable card my way recently too. Thank you Kim!

Finally, I was so surprised to come home from my little trip to find this special treat waiting for me from a new blogging bud, Linda. She wrote the kindest note and sent a fun koozy and yummy mints. As if that weren't enough already, Linda also tucked a Sonic gift card inside the koozy. I had mentioned once about getting sodas at Sonic's happy hour and she remembered!! Thank you very much, you generous little thing you! Love all the black, white and of course, pink too. You are so sweet, thank you bunches Linda!

What is your remedy for the CC? How long is too long for it to linger? Is it so wrong to laugh a lot at soccer practice?


  1. ooohhh, soccer! what fun!:)

    my husband has that bad cold too...yuck!

    I need to get strict w/ my eating plan too. I got on the scale this a.m. big mistake!

  2. You are still sick!!! Are you sure you do not have pnemonia????

    How funny that you lost weight on our trip!!! I giess that means we can eat what we want as long as we walk ourselves to death and move from sun up until midnight-Ha!

    AND yes you can laugh your head off at any sporting practice until that are around 6 years or so and then I think it gets pretty serious! THe K-Man will start Blast ball soon-Yes, it is a form of baseball! He was too young for soccer this year!

    I have nothing for the CC- Have you been to the doctore? Really Holly!

  3. I'm so glad that you got the package...there should be something inside the koozy!

  4. Hi Holly - YAY for being a soccer mom. I've been one for 11+ yr. It's great. I'm also a soccer-coach-wife! :)

  5. in my opinion, 5 hours is too long for the cc to linger. i *hate* coughing!!

    i see i need to scroll down and catch up with you. so, you'll have to scroll down for more comments!

  6. Again, such cute cards. I love little girls soccer players. So tough and cute at the same time.

  7. How can you NOT laugh during a soccer practice?! It's high comedy. That is how I while away the time during all my kids' sporting events.

  8. Ya, I am thinking pneumonia too. But if it's viral then you can't do anything about it. If it's bacterial you'll need antibiotics. I try to hard to sound "doctor-ish." Soccer is the best sport ever! The little ones look like a swarm of bees. So sweet!

  9. I better do a search and see what the difference is between bronchitis and pneumonia. Of course I could go to the doctor, but...it's frustrating to be told it's only viral. Just call me Wheezie.

  10. I go to WW too and I love it. Even if it's hard for me sometimes because I really like to eat (and I get extra points for breastfeeding and it's still slim for me!). I love the weekly weigh ins that you pay for though. They really keep you motivated! Way to go!

  11. I have no remedy for the coughing crud as I've been battling lately and losing. I've been taking Nyquil at night so at least I've been sleeping better the past couple of nights. I'm tired of coughing though, it's brutal.

    Hooray for all your cute good mail! I got the Goobers you sent me and will email you about the labels.


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