Five Four For Friday

1. I am dire need of a hair overhaul. Dire. It is taking on a life of its own, and I am scared. Yesterday evening, one side blew dry with a bit of an outward flip. I thought, "Okay, I'll work with you." So I flipped out the other side. It looked like an awkward shag or something. I kept fighting the urge to slap my thighs twice and make guns with my fingers a la Leather Tuscadero.

I am so calling for an appointment.

2. For a few weeks I kept forgetting to buy the stair-step can organizers for our pantry. Once I bought them, they sat on our table for a couple of weeks. Yesterday, after I schlepped in the groceries and opened up the pantry doors, I knew my organization moment had arrived. I just couldn't stand it any longer. Here is the before:

I am not completely finished. I need to tackle my baking shelf and I'd like to get some cute baskets for a few other areas. But. This is already so much better. Look...

I tried to better utilize the side areas for little things that take up entirely too much space. Somebody please stop me from buying any more granola bars. I am apparently obsessed with them. That, and Progresso soup.

A. had a job too.

Stomping on empty boxes for the trash.
Scott had barely walked in the door from work and I was all, "LOOK AT THE PANTRY. LOOK NOW! " Thankfully, he was impressed by the changes.

3. Is it just me, or are you sick of seeing Brooke Shields brush her teeth on TV too?

4. Great Googley Moogley*--I have a Half Marathon NEXT week. In eight days to be exact. Hmm...seeing how my longest run has been 4.5 miles, I'm sure I am well conditioned and ready. Yep.
*from the old 50s song Stranded in the Jungle.

Yeah, I just couldn't pull out five random things this week. As you can see, I had to throw in the Brooke Shields thing just to get to four. My life is so full.


  1. I love your organized pantry. Usually I feel organized but my in-laws were here for the past week and my house is a DISASTER. Please come and help me!

  2. OK, I am out of it with the Brooke Shields thing and teeth brushing. Is she doing an infomercial for teeth whitening stuff?

    Can you come do my pantry now please? It's in dire need.

  3. YOu are so the hair girl! YOur hair looks great, but I am always excited to see what you will do next! (it always looks good!)

    I love your pantry! I didn't realize how cool it was with the side shelf things!

    Ok, I am reading the BBBC book, but how in the world I'm I going to read two book at one time! Do you do that?

  4. I love ya Holly!!! You make me so happy with your sense of humor! :)

  5. please come over and do my pantry?

    I too have boys that would have fun stomping the boxes flat... and a dog that will help make them in to tiny pieces.

  6. Yeah, full of granola bars.


    Your pantry looks great. And I loved Leather T. as a girl. I think you could pull her off.

  7. What are stair step can organizers? I guess it's pretty self-explanatory eh? Where do you get them from? I saw a can organizer on Org Junkie's website that was pretty cool. You can use them for pop cans too. (Canadians say "POP" instead of soda). We like to scare people...I'll have a POP please!!!

  8. Suzy: I don't know if stair-step is the official term, but that's what it looks like. When you stack your can goods, they are on levels, so you can see them better in your pantry. I bought them at Target. Our can goods were getting lost in there!

    Lacie: About the book club, if I don't finish The Stone Diaries soon, I'll have to take a break from it to read To Kill a Mockingbird. I can't read two at the same time either.

    Bridget: There is just a commercial that seems to play all the time and it's of Brooke Shields hawking toothpaste and brushing her teeth. It's rather annoying.

    By the way, I don't consider myself an organized person, I have moments here and there. Sometimes.

  9. When my hair is a certain length, one side of it flips out, and the other absolutely will not. It has a mind of it's own, but just at that one length. So weird!

    Your pantry looks fabulous, and I'm with you on the Brooke Shields thing. I was just noticing yesterday how annoying it is that she seems so self-righteous about believing that healthy teeth are even MORE important than white teeth -- like it was some revelation. Eesh. I did a 5 for Friday today too, and had trouble coming up with more than 2.

  10. My pantry is scary. Truly. Yours is beautiful!

  11. Holly....
    I had to laugh out loud at the Brooke Shields comment...I don't sit in front of the tv, but I DO know that her "day starts at the crack of dawn and it usually ends at the crack of dawn the next day"...blah, blah, blah
    Did you ever own some Brooke Shields blue jeans? gulp. I did!

  12. yeah - I can totally relate to crazy hair. I have these horrible calicks (however you spell it) & I can never do anything with my bangs. Oh & did I mention I have 2 black little girls that have major hair issues...
    We were at the Zoo yesterday & looked at the flamingo's & I thought of taking a picture of my kids in front of them to put on my blog for you to see. But they wouldn't look at the camera. (flamingos or my girls)
    It has been so fun doing SPT the last couple weeks & getting to know you. Thanks for your sweet comments.
    Good luck on getting ready for your marathon. Wow - you Rock!

  13. That's a very impressive pantry reorganization, congrats! I'm glad your husband was impressed as well. My husband doesn't usually share my excitement over such accomplishments.

    Brooke does have some nice teeth though, but I still fast forward past her commercials.

    A half marathon coming up is daunting to me, but your a marathon bird!

  14. good luck w/ your half.

    our tri is TOMORROW!!

    I should be in bed!!!!!!


  15. i so need your organizing help. :) and hair ideas. so come up to washington, ok? :)
    you can totally do this half. it's be awesome. :) the races you're semi-unprepped for are always the most fun because you put no pressure on yourself other than to finish the thing. :) may i recommend shot blocks? the caffeinated version.

  16. I had a sneaky suspicion that your "before" photo would be my hopes and dreams for the "after" photo of my pantry!

    Good luck with your half marathon! The reality of it (and excitement generated by the other runners!) might be just the thing to put some zing back into your running - and help you realize that you DO have a full life! :)

  17. Mmm, I love those TLC granola bars! Especially the dark chocolate and cherry ones. Yummy in my tummy! Loved the randomness. And I too am tired with Brooke Shields. Because, you know, she's the epitome of a real working mom... she does have nice teeth, though. Good luck with the training! *B

  18. hey, you might be interested in these two posts!



  19. I totally want that pantry. And LOL about your hair!

  20. Holly, I'd be proud of that pantry too! Mine was looking great after I did the pantry challenge in January and we wiped it all out, but it's in need of organization once again.

  21. your blog always makes me laugh!! :) I love hearing all of your insightful, yet witty observations. BTW, you're going to do great on your half-marathon! After that Maine half-marathon you ran, it will be a cinch! ;)

  22. Oh, I DO so love an organized pantry! You've inspired me to get my butt movin' and do mine!

    I always demand Mike stop and admire my housework, too. If housework goes unnoticed, did it really happen? (if a tree falls in the forest and all that...)


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