Garbage Disposal 2 : Family 0

All has not been well in the kitchen recently. This week I was so excited to prepare some recipes from the Weight Watchers website, enough so to haul a cart around HEB along with a wired 4 year old for close to an hour. Yeah, now I'm bitter.

Last night I tried Mustard-Dill Chicken and the flavor was good, but someone (okay, it was me) left the birds in the oven a tad too long. Sigh.

Tonight I made Baked Shrimp with Lemon Garlic Sauce. None of us liked it. Poor Annelise had to have a sip of milk after each bite. Sigh.

So, let's just say our garbage disposal has been whirring and churning. Thankfully, I have plenty of lemon peels leftover to freshen it up. Sigh.

I'm not giving up though. A turkey white bean chili, baked tilapia, a tuna casserole and an enchilada pie are all on the kitchen horizon (all from WW too).

Do you ever fail in the kitchen? Any favorite WW recipes to share?


  1. doesn't it always seem that the best of intentions seem to end up in the garbage...multiple times in a row?! this happens here ALL THE TIME. think of it as an exercise in your creativity.
    gosh, i miss heb!!!

  2. I have had many failures in the ktichen. I continue to surprise myself both ways, with great food, and with ones where the recipe or my concoction wen south. I think it's great that you are trying these out and look forward to hearing about all the other recipes you're are trying. Good Luck Holly!

  3. It makes me feel like a sad little girl with my bottom lip stuck out when I fail in the kitchen! Don't know why....we can all goof something up or even make a dish perfectly and it simply doesn't suit our taste.
    Hang in there, Holly:)
    Do some crock pot cooking....I never fail with that! :)

  4. Why do you think I don't cook? I ALWAYS fail in the kitchen, unless I'm baking. Which doesn't help with my weight issues. UGH.

  5. I always manage to totally screw up roast beef in the crock pot, and the last one I did was SO tough and stringy, nobody could swallow it. Seriously. Just chewing and chewing. The best part of it all was it was so stringy and tough that it totally tied up our garbage disposal and we had to get someone out to fix it. Embarrassing.

  6. I hate it when recipes don't work out, maybe that's why I rarely try new ones. I hope you have better luck in the future and will post your successes.

  7. I recently made a black bean soup that cooled to a cement. It was awful. I don't like to cook but I like good food so I'm in a tough spot.

  8. I'm sorry that you've been having bad luck with the WW recipes! I'll pass on the ones we have tried adn liked. In that Kick Start book, we like the Chicken Parm, Turkey Burger with grilled zucchini, Strawberry and Feta Salad. I also got a book from Half-Price...copies coming via snail mail!

  9. Oh, you are making me miss my beloved HEB from my life in San Antonio!!

  10. I don't fail, I just call it "testing" a recipe!

    Yeah. Right. 87% of all my kitchen efforts are scrapped. My SIL once called me "The Accidental Gourmet."



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