Help Save the Ta Tas

My sweet friend, Deanna, has been gearing up to walk in Avon's Walk for Breast Cancer. She has been training hard to prepare her body to walk for TWO DAYS in and around Houston. That's right, her little sneaker clad tootsies will walk the distance of a marathon and a half. That is a long way folks! A total of 39.3 miles to be exact. Whew!

She has committed to complete this amazing walk to raise money for Breast Cancer research and spread awareness about a disease that has touched so many women's lives. If not within our own family, certainly within our circle of friends Breast Cancer has affected many lives. HERE is a video that explains more about this incredible nationwide event.

Deanna is very close to meeting her goal for the fundraising part of this experience. She just needs a little bit more. If you are interested in helping her reach her goal, please visit her page on the Avon Walk Site. Thanks!

Have you ever participated in a walk for Breast Cancer?
Is there an Avon Walk in your town?


  1. Thanks, Holly for your blurb!! :) I appreciate it more than you know! $400 more to go!!

  2. You're welcome D.! I hope it helps spread the word about your efforts and maybe even get you a bit closer to your goal.

  3. Wow, 39 miles, that is serious and what a great cause to do it for!

  4. Did you really just title your post "save the ta ta's?" Oh Holly, I love ya.

  5. Um, yeah I kinda did call it that. I hesitated, but that phrase just cracks me up, so I went with it. Hope I didn't offend anyone!

  6. This is, HANDS DOWN, my favorite post title ever.


    I love the term "ta-ta's" and have only said it with my mom (inside joke w/ her), but I can see that I need to start using this phrase in daily conversation. It just makes a girl giggle.



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