I Promise I Did NOT Say I Told You So

However, in all honesty, I can't promise I didn't think it.

Snippet from conversation earlier this week:

Scott, "I think I'll take Friday off from work and we'll go to the zoo. What do you think? It's supposed to be a beautiful day."

Me, "Um, yeah...but it's still Spring Break. Don't you think the zoo will be a madhouse on a *beautiful day*? Maybe you could take off a Tuesday or Thursday in a couple of weeks."

Scott, "Nah, it won't be that bad, let's go Friday."

Me, "Mmm...k."

On Friday, we pack lunches and load the trusty red wagon in the car. Soon we are on our merry way.

A few miles from the zoo, traffic slows way down. WAY down. To. A. Crawl. This does not bode well. As traffic tip toes around toward the entrance we see the steady parade of families, strollers, and coolers on their pilgrimage to see the animals in their not so natural habitats. We take in the sight of several long lines of people waiting to get through the gates. We look a bit farther to view the full parking lots and optimistic cars stalking the lot anyway.

We both contemplate how dedicated we are to this whole Zoo thing. Apparently not that dedicated after all.

I quietly mention to Scott, "Well, it IS Friday of Spring Break. And it IS a beautiful day."

Scott is quiet for a moment, and then replies, "I could take another day off in a few weeks and we can try again."

Ever so sweetly I say, "How about a Tuesday or Thursday?"

There we were back to our ORIGINAL conversation. Sigh.

A. was only slightly disappointed. Once we mentioned a picnic in the park and a round of Putt-Putt, she was so over the Zoo.


  1. Well, Holly....those sweet men just need to think things are their ideas, don't they?!

    My sister took Gracie and her girls to the Nashville Zoo yesterday. Beautiful Friday. Beautiful and crowded.
    (I somehow got out of going...probably won't be so lucky next time!)
    Glad that A got over the zoo...a picnic and putt putt is just as fun!
    Hey...have you ever read any Southern Lit? Like Adriana Trigiani's "Big Stone Gap"? Just a thought for the book club...of course, we can stick to classics and be busy bees for years!!!

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  3. That conversation sounds vaguely familiar to one I think Jason and I have had over the same thing. Ha! I'm just glad that y'all still got to do something fun outside on a beautiful day 'and Scott's day off'.

  4. That is too funny! But how nice of him to take a day off to be with his girls. :) Hope it works out for you soon. It's nice when they are pre-school you don't have to worry about the school schedule and can do things during the day.

  5. Too funny but probably happens all too often in many a home.
    Happy Easter!

  6. I love how you never used the phrase, "I smiled ever so smugly." You could have though!

  7. You are a much better woman than I. I might have said, "I TOLD YOU SO!" Maybe I wouldn't have.

    No, I would.

  8. OH! That was priceless. I had to read that out loud to hubby. Thanks for the good laugh.

  9. We were visiting in TX-and had the same thought to go to the zoo- and then thought better..we went somewhere else instead, but passed all the traffic to get to the zoo-CRAZY!
    you are a good woman to not say I told you so- that took some restraint I am sure!

  10. I would have been all over the "I told you so!"

  11. Totally cracking me up!

    I can see that happening in our house too. Women just seem to have that "instint" to know the outcome, huh?


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